Useful and versatile solid shampoos - the best choice for shampooing

Useful and versatile solid shampoos - the best choice for shampooing
Useful and versatile solid shampoos - the best choice for shampooing

Lush, silky, beautiful hair is a cherished dream for many women and men. It is quite achievable, it is enough to properly care for, use natural and healthy solid shampoos. This format combines compactness, versatility and a large mass fraction of active ingredients. A varied, pleasantly scented hair soap can be ordered with delivery on the Mylce74.rf website at the most affordable prices.

Benefits of using solid shampoos

Comfortable shape is the key and most obvious difference. Solid shampoos are ready to use right away, no fiddling with bottles of fast-running gels. A small bar of solid shampoo lasts for a long time, it is convenient to take it on vacation or on a trip, and it takes up very little space in the bathroom.

Hair soap does not need preservatives, stabilizers and water. Almost 100% of the composition is surfactant, that is, the solid shampoo itself. The striking advantages of this format include:

- Unpretentious storage and pristine freshness even after 2-3 years. A regular shampoo, after opening, quickly loses aromas and essential oils, and in a solid bar they remain and enrich the hair.

- Profitability. Solid shampoo is significantly cheaper in terms of the number of treatments. A standard bar equals 2.5-3 bottles of common substance.

- Wealth of choice. You can buy dozens of types - medicinal, gold, gum, tropical, chocolate solid shampoo. Then use them as desired, highlighting the new style and image. The started block will not disappear and is stored for more than a year.

It is very simple to apply solid shampoo, it is enough to lather your hands a little, massage the substance through the hair with massaging movements. Concentrates from Mylce74.rf can be applied directly to the head, like regular soap, it is faster, but the consumption of solid shampoo will be higher.

The richest assortment and the possibility of ordering throughout Russia

The light and convenient site of the Mylce74.rf store allows you to order your favorite body care products with just one click. The assortment of solid shampoos is in the Hair Care section. The manufacturer, price, weight of the bar and the equivalent of a regular shampoo are immediately indicated.

It is recommended to order several flavors at once. Unlike conventional skin care products, solid shampoos keep well even after repeated shampoos. They do not fade and do not lose their pleasant base aroma.

Delivery in the online store Mylce74.rf is very fast and covers the whole country. Direct deliveries from large manufacturers - Zhivitsa and Elska not only guarantee quality, but also the lowest price in Russia for the original solid shampoo.

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