The death toll in Haiti reaches 1,419

The death toll in Haiti reaches 1,419
The death toll in Haiti reaches 1,419

Drone footage showed the devastation caused by a magnitude 7, 2 earthquake in Haiti, which, according to the latest data, killed 1,419 people and injured 6,500.

An earthquake about 125 km (78 mi) west of Port-au-Prince on Saturday caused landslides and the complete destruction of two settlements. Several aftershocks were also felt.

About 7,000 homes were destroyed and about 5,000 damaged, including hospitals, schools, offices and churches in the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

From above on Sunday, footage shows structures falling into ruins, and entire neighborhoods of cities like Le Can, on the Haitian coast, almost to dust.

Rescuers also searched for survivors prior to the arrival of tropical storm Grace, which reached Haiti on Monday evening.

Henrietta Fore, chief executive of Unicef, told reporters that many Haitians are in desperate need of medical care, clean water and shelter - families in Le Quen are forced to sleep on a football field after their homes collapsed.

In Martissant, on the southern coast of Haiti, local authorities were forced to negotiate with local gangs to allow a UN humanitarian aid convoy to pass.

Prime Minister and Acting President Ariel Henry told reporters Sunday that he is declaring a state of emergency throughout Haiti following the worst earthquake in 11 years.

“We applaud the dignity, resilience of the victims and their ability to start over,” Mr. Henry said as the first aid convoys reached the hardest hit communities.

“From my observations, I have learned that Haitians want to live and develop. Let's unite to offer these people a life that is conducive to development.”

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