Dry skin care

Dry skin care
Dry skin care

The skin is constantly peeling, itching, unpleasant to the touch - familiar? Then this article is for you, because all these are signs of dry skin, and you need to fight not only the symptoms, but also the cause.

On the market for popular cosmetics, we see a fabulous amount of products that promise "nutrition and hydration", but in fact, at best, a fifth of everything promised on the packaging is being fulfilled. How not to "get lost" in this number of jars and bottles, but to get the one that will save you from dry skin? This is impossible if you do not fight the problem from the inside.

1) Sleep, sleep and sleep again. If you sleep less than 8 hours, forget about good skin.

2) Drink plenty of water. At least 8 glasses a day, it will "moisturize" your body, and therefore your skin.

3) Eat fruits and vegetables every day, they saturate the body with essential vitamins.

4) By the way about vitamins. They can and should also be drunk in courses, especially for the skin zinc and vitamins A and E are important. I strongly advise you to drink Doppel Herz, they are more expensive, and from cheap ones - revit, but, of course, consult your doctor.

5) Avoid sweets, starchy foods and fried in large quantities.

6) Protect your skin from the sun, but not only in summer, but also cloudy weather, rainy, autumn, spring, winter - always.

Now let's move on to leaving "outside". For dry skin, you need to choose care products especially carefully: they should not contain sls, sles, parabens and silicones. For the face, choose cream gels or foams for washing, they are gentle. And don't use hot water, it will dry out your skin even more. It is better to refuse mass-market cosmetics, since its composition is completely synthetic and for your dry skin this is not the best option. I like professional cosmetics for the face. There, the compositions are natural, and the concentration of active ingredients is much higher. You should buy a hyaluronic acid moisturizer and serum and keep your skin hydrated properly. And for just dry skin, this is one of the most important indicators.

Thoroughly cleanse your skin, use face scrubs about two to three times a week, it will also help prevent stretch marks, as you need to constantly remove dead cells for the best effect of creams and mousses. It is best to buy scrubs from the class of care cosmetics, but if you have nothing at hand, then once or twice you can try homemade ones, for them you can use coffee, sugar, salt, various oils, in particular olive oil.

And as for creams, they must be nutritious, and most importantly a good manufacturer you can trust. Professional cosmetics for the face Biodroga & Biodroga MD are luxury cosmetics, quality Made in Germany.

During the day, it is better to use lighter creams, with a delicate texture and a low amount of lipids (fats), and at night fatter, denser, so that in the morning your skin is sufficiently moisturized. Be sure to apply cream after taking a bath.

It is also worth applying face masks two to three times a week, cell lifting masks, masks with hyaluronic acid, and nourishing face masks are especially popular. But before applying the mask to your face, be sure to apply a little on your wrist in order to identify the presence of an allergic reaction.

Taking care of dry skin is not as difficult as it seems, it is enough to devote about an hour a day to caring for it, and when it becomes a habit, it will become very easy for you to do these manipulations.

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