"Fire apocalypse" in Canada

"Fire apocalypse" in Canada
"Fire apocalypse" in Canada

Thousands of people flee their homes under eerie red skies in British Columbia as raging fires head towards major population centers.

Thousands of residents were evacuated Monday after "exceptional" high winds ignited dozens of wildfires across British Columbia, sending flames towards entire communities.

On Sunday, hundreds of people fled their homes under an orange sky filled with smoke as evacuation orders came in one after another. Most of the new evacuation orders have come in the Kamloops area, which is home to some of the largest and most dangerous fires in the province.

There are at least a dozen wildfires in the Kamloops Fire Center area, including those in Lytton, White Rock Lake, Tremont Creek and Sparks Lake.

Officials confirmed Monday that the White Rock Lake fire "significantly damaged" several buildings in the Kellini area, north of Kelowna on the shores of Lake Okanagan.

West Kelowna, to the south, also suffered "limited damage" from a separate fire at Mount Low.

"Due to the evolving environment, the teams were unable to complete a full assessment of the damage to the buildings. Additional information will be provided to property owners and the media as it becomes available," the Central Okanagan emergency statement reads.

In the northwest west of Kamloops, more than 730 homes remain under evacuation due to the sudden intensification of fires in Tremont Creek. Dozens more homes in the Cherry Creek area, south of Highway 1, are under evacuation.

The northern Okanagan was one of several parts of the country's interior that remained in deep red twilight in the middle of Sunday afternoon after thick smoke obscured the sun.

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