Tornadoes and flooded streets: the south of Russia was hit by the elements

Tornadoes and flooded streets: the south of Russia was hit by the elements
Tornadoes and flooded streets: the south of Russia was hit by the elements

The south of Russia is blown away by water and wind. The Black Sea coast was hit by the elements. In Anapa, a three-month norm of precipitation fell per day. Heavy rains hit five districts of the Kuban at once, residential areas were flooded, beaches were closed, and forecasters gave disappointing forecasts. The rain is intensifying in these minutes in the Crimea. Residents are already being evacuated to Kerch, and there will also be pouring until Sunday.

Cars storm the water barriers of Kerch, some do not dare and unsuccessfully look for ways to bypass. The water covered almost the entire city center. The stadium "Imeni 50th Anniversary of October" collected a huge amount of water overnight, and now it rushed to the Melek-Chesme River in a powerful stream, which literally knocks down. In order to redirect the flow of water from the streets, work has been underway on the river since the early morning to deepen the bottom and widen the channel. Over the past day in Kerch, two monthly rainfall has already fallen, by the evening the rain turned into a downpour

Some streets of Kerch turned out to be completely flooded by the second half of the day, rescuers are laying yards with sandbags and directing the stream towards the river.

Residents of flooded houses are offered by the Ministry of Emergency Situations to evacuate to temporary accommodation centers that are deployed in the city. In the settlements around Kerch, the situation does not pose a threat yet, but the residents of the region, taught by bitter experience, are preparing for the disaster in advance. “And we have already evacuated this, we prepared everything, raised it on bricks, and that time we threw it wherever possible,” says Valentina Lysenko, a resident of the village of Zaozernoye. They have not yet had time to recover from the last flood. At Valentina's house, mushrooms began to grow on the floor because of the dampness. She fears that the new flood will not survive at all.

The weather made its own adjustments to the work of the Crimean bridge: a six-kilometer traffic jam, which was formed due to an accident on a slippery road, prevents hundreds of drivers from leaving the peninsula.

The Black Sea cyclone with the eastern name "Zarema" - small in size, but possessing enormous destructive power - is now raging in the Kuban. Yeisk, Temryuk, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Krymsk, Novorossiysk, Sochi and Anapa. During the day, precipitation fell immediately in three months! Rivers threaten to overflow their banks. Stormy streams flow through the streets of cities and villages. It pours so that the drivers can hardly see where to go. Some sections of the Novorossiysk - Kerch route are unsafe to cross.

Hundreds of yards have been flooded, and dozens of houses are already filled with water. The beaches are blurred, the villages are gone. In the Anapa area, a hurricane wind knocked down trees, and some settlements lost electricity. In Sochi, after a heavy downpour, a tornado came ashore.

"I'm sure nobody will have to sleep today," said the governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev.

The rain is intensifying, in the region sirens have already been turned on several times, residents of the region where the highest level of danger has been declared - it is recommended to collect documents, lift things and cars on a hill. At this moment in the Krasnodar Territory, a dozen and a half points of temporary accommodation have been deployed in case of emergency evacuation.

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