Residents of Kerch warned of possible evacuation

Residents of Kerch warned of possible evacuation
Residents of Kerch warned of possible evacuation

The Kerch authorities asked the residents of the city to be prepared for a possible evacuation due to flooding as a result of heavy rains that began in the east of Crimea.

A storm warning on the peninsula has been in effect since Monday. These days, rains fell in the region, which led to flooding of houses in the Simferopol region of Crimea. On Thursday, due to the flow of water, traffic on the Tavrida highway was blocked, flooding is recorded in the village of Krasnogorka, Leninsky district, in the east of the peninsula.

Residents of Kerch were urged to prepare documents and basic necessities in advance, as well as medicines, things and a supply of food in case of a possible evacuation. The places of collection are the motor transport company No. 14313 and the fire and rescue team at Komarova, 1.

Earlier, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand, said that the mesocyclone would bring unfavorable weather to the residents of the Kuban, Rostov region, Adygea and Crimea.

Crimea has suffered from heavy rains twice over the summer. On June 16–20, the main blow of the elements fell on Kerch and Yalta, on July 4 - on the Bakhchisarai region. Houses on the peninsula were flooded, evacuation was carried out. Two people became victims of the disaster, about 60 were injured, one woman was missing. Now the restoration of cities and towns after bad weather continues.

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