Archaeologists found traces of two ancient fortresses in Rostov

Archaeologists found traces of two ancient fortresses in Rostov
Archaeologists found traces of two ancient fortresses in Rostov

The oldest fortress in Eastern Europe was located on Rostov land. This is the conclusion reached by historians and archaeologists. Alas, the artifact has been lost, and today scientists are trying to find at least something telling about its existence. But the stonework of another unique structure - the very fortress of Dimitry of Rostov, from which the history of the city on the Don began - you can already see and walk along it.

We did not dare to take a step down and immediately three centuries ago to walk through the masonry of the 18th century. After all, the stones were prayed for: before each of them was thoroughly cleaned by archaeologists, a prayer was heard daily over these blocks, according to scientists, this is how the floor of the first, then still wooden, Rostov temple looked like.

Alexander Kozhin, head of the Rostov branch of the All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments: "This is a pavement, a stone pavement of the floors of the first church, which was transferred here from the fortress of St. Anne, in 1761 the fortress was laid, in September it was consecrated."

We are talking about the fortress of St. Demetrius of Rostov, founded by the order of the daughter of Peter the Great, Empress Elizabeth in the middle of the 18th century. From here, according to experts, a new tourist route, dedicated to the history of the city, can begin, for it even the name has already been chosen "From fortress to fortress". But not many people know that on the site of modern Rostov there was another fortress, now it is called Leventsovskaya, and also Don Troy.

Pavel Larenok Researcher of the Association “Yuzharcheologiya”: “We received the first monument at this place, the first standard of how our population developed in the Bronze Age. That is, from a period of five and a half thousand years ago to a period of three and a half thousand years ago. That is, this is the time when Moses brought the Jews out of Egypt."

Thus, the outskirts of modern Rostov, in some places built up with dachas, is located exactly on the site of the oldest fortress in all of Eastern Europe. Part of the historical heritage has been irretrievably lost.

This half-arc of the Levevntsovskaya fortress is now built up with dachas, and even these kaya of excavations are already built up with dachas. Here, around the old abandoned poultry house, the land is not disturbed and archaeologists hope to find traces of human presence. Now a completely new stage begins in the centuries-old fate of the Leventsovsky monument.

Aleksey Kiyashko, professor of the Department of Archeology and History of the Ancient World, SFedU: “Now we are just probing the situation, because it was believed that this Leventsovskoe settlement, it no longer exists. It already has a tourist value, but, of course, it is necessary to equip all this, there is a plan."

Students-historians can practice here, and history lovers will certainly not pass by, all that remains is to create a route "From fortress to fortress".

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