Meeting with aliens of a Uruguayan naval sailor in 1972

Meeting with aliens of a Uruguayan naval sailor in 1972
Meeting with aliens of a Uruguayan naval sailor in 1972

Uruguay was the first country in South America to establish an official UFO agency in 1979. Later, other countries such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina followed the Uruguayan example.

There are not many UFO sightings recorded in Uruguay, but the Lobos sighting is the best UFO sighting thanks to a detailed investigation by members of the C.I.O.V.I..

On October 28, 1972, five people were at a lighthouse located on Isla de Lobos, a small island a few kilometers off the coast of Uruguay. At this time, the lighthouse served as the headquarters of the Navy. The five naval personnel stationed in the building were Corporals Juan Fuentes Figueroa, Jose Gomez and Hector Gimenez, Jose Lima and Senior Officer Francisco Cascudo.

After dinner, everyone rested, and at about 10:10 pm, Corporal Juan Fuentes went for a routine inspection of the power generators located at the base of the lighthouse. When he started walking towards the generators, his attention was drawn to strange lights on a hill, which was a terrace, about 6 meters above the ground.

The light seemed completely unusual to him. At first he thought they were the headlights of a car, but they weren't. He decided to check them out and took a pistol with him without telling the other fighters about it.

He removed the safety catch and began to approach the lights. He saw a ship that appeared to him in different colors - white, yellowish and purple. The lights allowed him to see a strange figure standing next to the object, and two more figures descending from the ship.

The first two figures spotted Fuentes approaching them with a pistol. He directed his hand with the weapon at the figures and was ready to pull the trigger, but could not do this, as he was paralyzed. At one point, he felt physical effects such as "vibration" and goosebumps. In addition, he heard a voice in his head that said, "Don't shoot because it's useless."

The entities then returned to the ship. The door closed from the side, and the ship began to move straight up, making a humming sound, until it reached a height of about 45 meters. Then he tilted, spewed a blinding fireball from the bottom and disappeared into silence at great speed in the direction of the southeast.

According to Fuentes:

“The ship was in the shape of an inverted bowl with a diameter of 4 to 5 meters. It had a dome on top and a rectangular opening or door through which entities descended. It also had supports that he could clearly see as the ship slowly climbed. like the landing gear of an airplane, but retracted telescopically.

The surface of the apparatus was undoubtedly metallic, a somewhat reddish color, which Fuentes likened to mahogany. The most distinctive feature of the object was the corkscrew-shaped antenna at its top, which rotated."

Fuentes returned to the lighthouse and told the rest of the people what he had seen. No one believed his account of the flying saucer, except for the sub-officer Cascudo. After that, he was ordered to report his observation to a higher-ranking officer, who listened to him very carefully.

Fuentes said there were two officers, presumably from the US Embassy, ​​who were recording what was happening. They were from the Spatial Investigation Service, he said. While he was waiting in the hallway, someone showed him UFO drawings, asking which one might be closer to the ship he had seen.

The Americans did not speak directly to Fuentes, but they were surprised that he came closest to the ship. The entire observation lasted a minute, and Fuentes had a direct view of the object for 15 seconds. Although this was a single witness observation, this is one of the best cases from Uruguay.

Fuentes went through interrogations, in which he was supported by Lieutenant Colonel Cascudo. He described Fuentes as "a simple and honest man, unable to come up with a story of this kind." It was concluded that the likelihood that the witness was telling the truth was high. The Isla de Lobos case has become one of the best UFO sightings in South America.

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