Severe flooding hits Turkey's Black Sea region again

Severe flooding hits Turkey's Black Sea region again
Severe flooding hits Turkey's Black Sea region again

A month after floods and landslides that killed six people in the Black Sea region of Turkey, heavy rain fell on Tuesday and Wednesday in the central regions of the region. The woman went missing in Bartyn, one of the provinces hardest hit by the rains. Floods were also reported in the provinces of Karabuk and Kastamonu.

In Bartyn, after heavy rainfall on Tuesday, flood waters flooded a large number of homes and businesses, sweeping away cars. The greatest damage was done in the Ulus area. Part of the road connecting the province to Karabuk collapsed as bulldozers pushed through flood waters to rescue 20 people trapped in their homes. Search and rescue teams were dispatched to flood-affected areas.

Provincial governor Sinan Güner told reporters that the first reports of flood damage and people trapped began to arrive at around 3:00 am. He spoke to reporters on Wednesday on a road closed by landslides. “We rescued people stuck in their homes near the river bed. Our crews also rescued people stuck in their cars,” he said.

Güner said that an elderly woman disappeared in the village of Akeren Söküler after her wooden house almost collapsed due to flooding that carried her away. “Many bridges, roads to villages and houses have collapsed in the region,” he lamented. The Disaster Management Authority (AFAD) said 13 people were injured as a result of the collapse of a bridge on the road connecting Bartin and Karabuk provinces.

Sinop, a province at the northern tip of the country, was also hit hard by floods on Wednesday. The torrential rains were especially devastating for the Ayanchik region, where the stream overflowed the banks, ripping pieces from the bridge above it. Cars parked along the banks of the river were swept away by the strong current, and officials announced that a public hospital in the area was being evacuated as a precaution.

The media reported that workers at the plant were trapped by flooding. A large number of residents stranded in areas covered by flood waters were evacuated by helicopters. Workers also tried to clear a road connecting the center of Sinop with Ayanchik, which was blocked by debris brought in by the landslide. AFAD announced that it has dispatched crews and boats to flood-affected areas to evacuate citizens.

In Karabuk, sudden and heavy rain disrupted daily life, flooding the basements of buildings and trapping people in homes and cars. Rescue teams worked to rescue trapped people throughout Tuesday evening.

The situation has not changed in Kastamonu province, where clogged drainage systems have exacerbated flooding in the streets. Flood waters have also damaged agricultural fields in the province. A landslide closed the road connecting the center of Kastamonu with the Inebolu area.

On Wednesday, the governor of Kastamonu Avni Chakir told reporters that the floods affected the Aban and Bozkurt districts, as well as Azdavai. "Due to rainfall on Tuesday evening, the river overflowed its banks in Azdawai. We have not yet been able to reach the area due to landslides on the road," he said, noting that road service teams are working to repair the road. Chakyr said that there were no casualties, but urged local residents not to leave their homes "only if necessary."

The authorities have warned that more precipitation is expected in the Black Sea region on Wednesday. The population has been warned of floods and landslides in parts of the region, including the provinces of Tokat, Erzincan, Gumushhane, Bayburt, Sinop, Samsun, Ordu, Kastamonu and Bartin.

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