Climatic restrictions await us ahead, "for the good of the planet"

Climatic restrictions await us ahead, "for the good of the planet"
Climatic restrictions await us ahead, "for the good of the planet"

"Rubicon crossed" after the publication of the IPCC report in which the world's population was frightened by "anthropogenic climate warming as a result of human activities." This report is a landmark event, which means that the politicized agenda of "global warming" has entered an entirely new stage. All the events that preceded it were simply preparation for what awaits us in the very near future.

It should be borne in mind that not all scientists are involved in the "Global Warming" conspiracy - many oppose attributing to humanity what it simply cannot do and warn people that instead of global warming, they will face global cooling. And here is what those who fight against the use of "climate change" for political and civilization-threatening purposes write:

For those who unconditionally accept the latest IPCC report on the end of the world, it is also necessary to accept this: "climate blockages of the world" (according to the scenario of covid blockages) are now - a reality. Migration will be stopped, food rationing will be introduced, your freedoms will be destroyed, all for the sake of a completely fabricated crisis that you have been dragged into.

The goal of the elite is control, unsurprisingly, and this latest IPCC report is the last attempt to gain as much control as possible before the real problems of food shortages and the resulting civil unrest sweep over our global society and plunge it into chaos.

An unimaginable crop failure looms on the horizon as the Great Solar Minimum continues to intensify.

Unpredictable weather conditions are already destroying crops around the planet: severe frosts in South America turned Argentina and Brazil into importing countries, crops in South Africa were destroyed by the recent record cold weather, drought and persistent cold weather in the United States led to the fact that wheat crops fell by 70%, and floods in Europe and China also reduce yields.

All of this will be reflected in your local supermarket: prices are already rising, the shortage is already visible. These are the realities in which we live today.

And here there is no anthropogenic influence (other than our naive belief in the creation of these monocultural systems that the climate will remain constant, forever); no, this "climate change" is associated with a drop in solar activity and a weakening of the magnetic field - to blame such monumental perturbations as a cow's bunch is a disgrace to science, this is not science; it is dogma, it is witchcraft, but as history shows, people are born to follow them, and an authoritative voice, no matter how unimaginably stupid its message is, is always persuasive.

When temperatures rise, life and biodiversity thrive. This has been the case since time immemorial. That is why rainforests are home to most of the plant and animal species on Earth, despite the fact that they occupy less than 12 percent of all land.

The problem is cooling. Life can hardly bear the cold. The Arctic occupies 10 percent of the planet's land area, but only 600 plant species grow on it, only 100 species of birds live, there is not a single reptile or amphibian, and only 20 mammals.

Cooling down, unfortunately, awaits all of us in the future.

The sun appears to be plunging into its next Great Solar Minimum cycle: a 400-year cycle that brings a prolonged decrease in solar activity, which, through a combination of various mechanisms, leads to a sharp decrease in Earth's temperatures.

The IPCC does not want you to know about this.

The IPCC doesn't even want you to take it as an opportunity, because their AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) theory is in jeopardy.

The IPCC claims that since the total solar radiation (TSI) does not fluctuate very much (in the range of 1360-1363 W / m2), the sun has practically no effect on Earth's temperatures, but this is an overly simplified position.

The understatement of the Sun's role in climate is ridiculous; however, the understatement of cosmological reality is a hallmark of the IPCC.

In fact, low solar activity not only leads to a slight decrease in TSI, there are many other factors that affect the temperature of our planet: low solar activity also leads to an influx of cosmic rays, generating clouds, to an increase in volcanism - all this, along with a constantly weakening magnetic field of our planet is completely ignored by the IPCC and their hangers-on from MSM.

It is logical to assume that the sun plays a decisive role in the Earth's climate.

And if this is accepted, the fact that our host star is currently in its weakest state in more than 100 years - and is waning - should, of course, be the basis of any theory related to climate. They expect us to believe that the sun, at its weakest in more than a century, occurring at the same time as fluctuations intensify between extreme weather conditions, is a coincidence; in fact, "they" do not even mention that the sun is in a state of historically low activity.

Also, why does the IPCC only listen to the opinions of scientists who already agree with them?

It's not very scientific.

There are many prominent and respected scientists who argue not only that the IPCC is wrong about AGW, but that the era of a cold snap is coming:

However, the public is prevented from hearing these alternative, equally qualified opinions - instead, it is fed a diet of EOTW rhetoric injected into the masses daily (no wonder our youth are so badly corrupted by this rubbish - again, the voice of authority is persuasive, regardless of whether how illogical or downright impossible his message is):

Today, August 10, the Sun is "empty" again, completely devoid of sunspots, and this is during the rise of the 25th solar cycle - the time when the Sun should be working to its fullest.

However, we are seeing the eighth spot-free day since the end of July.

The sun is weakening.

SC25 will be as weak as the previous cycle (SC24) - the weakest cycle in the last century +.

Since 2016, global temperatures have dropped by about 0.7C. This is another fact absent in the last IPCC report on the end of the world, but informing the public is not their goal, the goal, of course, is to propagandize and prepare the masses for a totalitarian future of permanent castles, food shortages and an increase in global electrical phenomena - "something is coming ".

The world blindly accepting the IPCC nonsense is perhaps the worst.

This is not to say that the commission has a long track record or even an honest one - they were wrong from the very beginning, at every step; from their predictions for an ice-free Arctic, predictions of global temperatures to sea level rise (originally it was assumed that coastal cities would be flooded by the year 2000).

Also, notice how the narrative was distorted when real observations weren't true.

Previously, the "global warming" hypothesis was relatively easy to understand, even consistent and worthy of further study: "rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere will lead to ever-increasing temperatures, resulting in hotter summers and warmer winters with less snow."

However, in 2021, with the planet showing unmistakable signs of a cold snap, and real-world observations continue to show lies by scientists like Michael Mann and narcissistic prophets like A.L. Mountains that have made a career of promoting global warming, and instead - record frosts, unprecedented amounts of snow in entire hemispheres and the expansion of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Here are just the last two data points that the IPCC's initial reports claimed were no longer possible:

Total snow mass in the Northern Hemisphere peaked this season, exceeding the 1982-2012 average by 500+ Gt [FMI].

The Antarctic ice sheet (which contains 90% of the Earth's fresh water) is well above the 1979-1990 average and is increasing [NSIDC].

Temperature rise is a cornerstone of the anthropogenic theory of global warming.

Therefore, nothing else matters if the temperature does not rise.

And here we are - not only is the temperature not rising, but is reversing the trend seen since the late 1970s (since the end of the previous mini-cooling period):

Current numbers suggest travel restrictions are likely to stay with us for a long time, not only due to the pandemic, but also for political and environmental reasons.

The exaggerated COVID threats will remain in full force, and the virus will indeed continue to circulate and mutate into more vaccine-resistant strains - just as it does with seasonal flu every year; however, unlike seasonal flu, this will result in more blockages.

Crucially, governments maintain travel restrictions and challenging testing requirements to sharply discourage people from traveling - "for reasons other than Covid-19," according to a recent article on

And that brings us to another pretext for depriving the masses of their most basic freedoms - the so-called "climate emergency."

As reported by The Telegraph, “Covida’s restrictions were a tentative step towards how our lifestyles could be curtailed in the future for the good of the planet,” where governments seek to curb cheap travel and reduce carbon emissions under the guise of “greening,” while in fact, their intentions are much more sinister.

The population, already locked down before the SHTF, is much more manageable. Now add to this the rationing of food (due to global scarcity and the aforementioned travel restrictions), and going forward, the only way to feed your family is to completely obey any draconian rules set by an all-encompassing - as yet invisible - system of global governance.

This is truly Code Red for Humanity.

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