Russia - the Far East faces another wave of floods

Russia - the Far East faces another wave of floods
Russia - the Far East faces another wave of floods

The regions of the Russian Far East face another wave of floods after several days of torrential rains, which caused the water level in the rivers to rise.

On August 7, 2021, the head of the EMERCOM of Russia Evgeny Zinichev visited the areas of the Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions (regions). He described the situation as "extremely difficult."

In the Amur Region, the water level in the Amur, Zeya, Selemdzha, Tom and Zavitaya rivers exceeds the flood level. As of August 09, 182 houses were flooded, including 67 in the Belogorsk district, 12 in Blagoveshchensk, 25 in Seryshevsky and 19 in Selemdzhinsky. More than 50 people were evacuated from their homes and were in 3 temporary shelters. In addition, 1 bridge was damaged and 40 road sections were flooded, as a result of which 28 settlements were cut off from the roads.

Areas of the Amur Region were hit by the previous flood wave in June this year.

The minister also visited the areas of the Jewish Autonomous Region, where 17 settlements, mainly in the Obluchensky and Leninsky districts, are subject to flooding from the Amur River. As of August 09, 3 roads, more than 1,500 hectares of agricultural land and 27 household plots were flooded.

In the Khabarovsk Territory, minor floods from the Amur were recorded in the city of Khabarovsk and other areas. The flood affected some parts of the region in May this year after melting snow and ice jams led to the flooding of the Amur River.

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, rivers also rise, including the Argun and Ingoda. Flooding occurred in this area at the end of July this year.

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