UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-4

UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-4
UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-4

The fourth part from the archives of data on abductions of people by extraterrestrial beings, which were recorded in Australia.

UFO abductions in Australia: July 1989 Adelaide, family abduction

The man was lying in bed trying to sleep when he heard a strange buzzing and vibrating sound. Suddenly, his wife, who was lying next to him and who was sleeping without opening her eyes, said, "Do not be afraid, do what they say."

He could not understand what she meant, and suddenly found himself paralyzed. He was then lifted out of bed by an invisible force and realized that he was floating down the hallway into the living room. Once in the living room, he saw his son in the arms of a strange creature about 1m 70cm tall, greenish-white in color. It looked like a man.

He then passed out and woke up in a brightly lit room. There was a non-human being in this room. He had an oval head, large black oval eyes. There was no nose, only two holes and a small slit in the mouth. Then he lost consciousness again and then woke up already in his bed.

The next morning, both he and his wife felt very strange. She remembers talking in a dream, but does not remember the words she said.

She said that at night she felt someone's presence, but was not afraid. She remembers that she was lying on the table, a hard, cold surface, and some people were looking at her. She felt herself being examined and then returned to her bed.

Their son did not remember anything about what happened to him.

UFO abductions in Australia: February 1993 Adelaide kidnapped 3.5 years old

A three-and-a-half-year-old girl told her mother that at night "little boys" climbed into her bedroom window. These creatures took her to their cabin after her six-year-old sister, who was present, was told by the creatures that she should go to the next bedroom. She remembered that there was a lot of light in their "house", but she could not tell anything more.

This event coincided with the time when the girl talked about monsters in her room, became afraid to stay in the room and began to wet her bed. However, the aforementioned details were told to the mother only five weeks after the incident.

UFO abductions in Australia: 1956 Near Hugenden, kidnapping of L

A 12-year-old girl was walking across the paddock on the family farm when she felt a strange force come on her and heard a quiet hum. She felt herself being lifted off the ground and fainted.

When she woke up, she found herself in an unfamiliar large room with two men in silver and white "ski suits." There were no attempts to communicate on the part of the men.

After examining the room, in which a screen with the image of multi-colored galaxies was located on one wall, the girl felt strong pressure and again lost consciousness.

The room was not furnished. She noticed an arched doorway leading into a corridor; along one wall there were windows that looked like portholes; there were no joints or seams in the room.

Then she was back on the farm, but in a different corral, and a huge saucer-shaped object hovered above her, which then began to rise quickly and flew west.

The girl then learned that two hours had passed since she lost consciousness.

UFO abductions in Australia: 1964. The woman remembered about multiple abductions

A 29-year-old married woman, a social security student, recalled four episodes of abductions.

1. At the age of three, she was lying in her crib and, waking up, found that the room was "filled with people who looked like doctors," there were from 10 to 12. At that time, she lived in the same room with her mother and believes that they examined both her and her mother.There was a glow of light around each of these beings, and for some reason, she had a sense of some kind of close connection with two of them. They looked like women. She recalled this episode when she later saw a photograph of a surgical operation in a magazine for the first time.

2. At the age of 19, she remembered how she was lifted out of bed and she flew out of the window onto a "spaceship" that was hanging over the house.

3. At the age of 20, she "swam" through the back door into the street, where there was a bright moonlit night. She remembers the wind in her hair and how she was brought back the same way.

4. At the age of 28, there was another incident. She was again lifted onto the ship by air and underwent a medical examination.

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