Extension of a medical book: how to quickly go through the necessary procedures

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Extension of a medical book: how to quickly go through the necessary procedures
Extension of a medical book: how to quickly go through the necessary procedures

A medical (sanitary) book is a document without which employees of many spheres cannot start work: food industry, education, public transport, trade and others. The process of issuing a medical book is quite lengthy, because to obtain it, you need to pass certain tests and go through a commission of doctors. Therefore, if you need to go to work urgently, you should contact a company that issues documents within 24 hours and without a mandatory examination.

For how long is the medical book issued

The document is valid for one to four years. Therefore, depending on the requirements of the employer and the position held, the examination and testing will have to be repeated in any case. In state polyclinics, it will be possible to get a new book or renew an old one in 3-5 days at least. Therefore, many patients tend to visit private medical centers. In such places, it will be possible to legally renew the document within just one day, which is very convenient and profitable.

It is better to contact specialists in issuing sanitary books in advance. Check in advance when the document expires, and come to the medical center a few weeks before. In this case, problems with the employer will definitely not arise.

Mandatory procedures for issuing a health book

All employees in the spheres of trade, medicine, education and others will need to pass blood and urine tests, as well as fluorography. After that, you should go through a medical commission, which includes such specialists as:

  • therapist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • neuropathologist;
  • dermatologist;
  • neurologist;
  • ENT.

Women will also need a certificate from a gynecologist. In order not to waste time making appointments with specialists and waiting in queues, you should contact FutureMed. Here it will be completely legal to issue or renew an existing medical book, but without going through a commission and within just one day.

What documents are required to obtain or renew a medical record

To extend the medical book, you will need a minimum of official papers. When visiting the center, you will need to provide the manager with:

  • passport;
  • medical book that needs to be renewed;
  • vaccination certificate.

After that, all that remains is to pay for the service and wait for the book to be returned to you with a mark on the renewal. Medical examinations in specialized clinics are carried out by doctors of the highest category. Therefore, if you wish, you will not only get the required stamp in the document, but also find out about your state of health. You will have to spend only a few hours to go through all the procedures.