Greece: a catastrophe of biblical proportions

Greece: a catastrophe of biblical proportions
Greece: a catastrophe of biblical proportions

At least 2 people have died in terrible fires in Greece. For several days, rescuers have been trying to curb the fire element. The cause of which is the strongest wind and 40-degree heat. Thousands of people were evacuated, dozens of houses were destroyed. The whole world is helping to extinguish, but so far all efforts are in vain. Over the past day, the number of foci has only tripled. One of the most difficult is the situation in Athens.

A catastrophe of biblical proportions - this is how the Greeks speak of fires. Seventy percent of the forests around Athens have been destroyed. In their place, the trunks of pines are still smoking, the earth is hot, the heat does not subside.

Extreme tension is felt in the air, decisions are made with lightning speed right on the spot, they are trying to finish off the hearth, but the top of the tree is already engaged, and then the school. People are in a panic, work together with volunteers. One of them died: a 38-year-old man, on whom a burnt power table fell - the first victim of a powerful element.

- Where are the planes? Everything, the olive garden, my property, everything burned down! I am a businessman, I already have debts because of covid, who will pay for all this ??

I tried to defend the dwelling myself - barely escaped. There is not enough equipment, although many countries have come to the rescue. In the sky, helicopters, airplanes, fire constantly changes direction.

People are fleeing, from the ferry they look at how the coast and their houses are on fire, villages burned out, temples damaged. The fire destroyed the roofs, completely burned down two cells of the nunnery. The police do not exclude that arsonists are to blame for the fires. Three people in this case have already been arrested.

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