How to choose the right postoperative bandage

How to choose the right postoperative bandage
How to choose the right postoperative bandage

Even minor surgical interventions place a great strain on the body and require long-term recovery. To simplify and speed up the rehabilitation process, it is worth using a special bandage. It will support the internal organs in the desired anatomical position, prevent their displacement, reduce swelling and bruising, and reduce pain. Postoperative bandage irreplaceable after removal of hernias, uterus, gastrointestinal surgery, liposuction and other types of surgical interventions. To choose the right one, it is worth listening to a number of useful tips.

Main varieties

Depending on the operation performed, a specific type of bandage is used. Here it is better to trust the recommendations of the attending physician. The most common models are after abdominal surgery. They are made in the form of a wide belt and are wrapped around the waist. Buy postoperative bandage it is possible not only from ordinary elastic fabric, but also with a convenient adjustment system to fit the figure. Hernia bandages are used not only after surgery, but also to prevent hernias. Also on sale you can find special models for the removal of feces, which are required by stamirovany patients.

The main nuances of the choice

First of all, you need to decide on a suitable type of bandage. In the convenient electronic catalog of the online store Cheaper It will not be difficult to find the right model. The situation with the selection of the required size is much more complicated. Be sure to measure your waist in girth. The tape should fit snugly around the body, but not squeeze it. The width of the product should be such that the seams are completely closed.

Of the additional structural elements, the following can be noted:

• Non-stretch, soft cotton panel on the inside. Prevents seam divergence.

• Stiffening rib. They do not allow the bandage to twist, improve its fixation and provide support for the lower back.

• Anti slip latex tape. It is placed on the inner side of the postoperative bandage, preventing its displacement during wear.

What else to consider when buying

If you have to wear the product for a long time, you cannot save on materials. The postoperative bandage should be made of elastic hypoallergenic tissue with good ventilation. The best choice would be rubberized latex, cotton with the addition of elastane or lycra. As for the fasteners, the most convenient thing here is a wide Velcro tape. It is much more convenient than hooks, fasteners and lacing, allows you to quickly remove and put on the bandage. After complex operations, multi-stage adjustment is indispensable. The first adjustment of the band must be done under the precise guidance of a physician.

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