UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-3

UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-3
UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-3

The third part from the archives of data on abductions of people by extraterrestrial beings, which were recorded in Australia.

UFO abductions in Australia: 1978, Wynnum - a coastal suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, abduction of a woman and her two children

In a lecture, psychologist Budd Hopkins was approached by a middle-aged couple who asked for advice on strange memories that were bothering them (incomprehensible nightmares). A session of regressive hypnosis was conducted during which it was revealed that the cause of the "nightmares" was the abduction.

Jenny remembered that when she and her children (two sons) were on the playground, and her husband was standing at that moment a few meters away from them and was going to take a picture of them for a family album - a bright light appeared that transported her and the children into a UFO.

There were several small creatures on board. Jenny then found herself naked on the table and underwent a pelvic exam. Then she and the boys were returned to the playground, where she saw her husband with a camera in his hand. Then everything returned to normal.

She and the children were absent for a long time, but time seemed to stop on the ground and her husband stood there, pointing the camera at the place from where they were taken and then returned there.

Under the influence of hypnosis, Sam (the husband) recalled seeing his family being taken away, but he could not do anything and was completely paralyzed.

UFO abductions in Australia: 1982, Queensland, abduction of a pregnant woman

A woman in her forties said that she woke up and saw a bright light, then she found herself in a spaceship.

The creatures present there, both men and women, looked like humans. Several other abducted people were also present.

She was lying naked on a metal table and these creatures wanted to examine her. She did not allow the creatures to examine her since she was pregnant. Communication was telepathic.

The creatures were very worried that they had made the mistake of saying that they shouldn't have taken the pregnant woman. To calm her down, one of the creatures showed her what the baby would look like when it was born, which, according to the woman, later proved to be accurate.

This was followed by a tour of the ship. The creatures tried to make amends for their mistake and were sympathetic towards her.

Then she suddenly found herself at home in her bed.

UFO abductions in Australia: 1974, Clifton Bore, NSW, male abduction

A man who was looking for fossils in a desert area was suddenly approached by two short creatures and invited him to go with them. He could not refuse and was in a strange trance-like state. He was brought into an externally small object, which was incredibly large inside.

There were also about twenty similar creatures inside. He was offered to drink some liquid similar to water, after which he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he found himself on the floor of the object. He saw, in a cage-like structure, two female human children who appeared to be in a trance.

The man felt that he was somehow rejected by these beings. He did not suit them for some purpose and became not interesting to them. Suddenly a doorway opened in front of him. He went out and again found himself where he was taken from.

He originally searched for the fossils with a companion, but they split up before being kidnapped. As it turned out, his partner was looking for him unsuccessfully for an hour and a half and was very surprised when his friend "just appeared out of thin air."

UFO abductions in Australia: 1973, a woman named Winnifred K was abducted in New South Wales

In 1973, a 40-year-old woman was kidnapped.She slept at home in the suburbs, and when she woke up, her first memory was that she was lying on the table in a UFO. The table was sterile, aluminum-like, in a circular room. There were three operating tables in one part of the room and chairs in the other. It was cold.

There were two types of creatures. There were two of the same type, 155 cm in height, with an extended head. There was no mouth or nose visible, the ears were pulled back. They were dressed in silver suits and moved normally.

Numerous representatives of a different type of creature have been seen. They were 145 cm tall with their heads extended. They were awkward in their movements. Two in silver suits seemed to be in control of them, while the lower ones obeyed them.

She saw other people, including her sister, on board, in seats attached to the wall. They seemed to be in a trance state. The creatures seemed indifferent to her and did not communicate. However, they communicated with each other, making sounds similar to the crackling of a cricket.

They examined her, used some tools and beat her in the stomach, although she could not see what they were doing. She doesn't know how she got back to bed, but she can remember being in bed and watching the little creatures leave the room.

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