UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-2

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UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-2
UFO Abductions in Australia: Part-2

The second part from the archives of data on abductions of people by extraterrestrial beings, which were recorded in Australia.

UFO abductions in Australia: abduction of a woman and two men in 1975 in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales


A 21-year-old woman survived an abduction in 1975, which she recalled partly consciously and partly under hypnosis. She was in a moving car with two men in the countryside, when a UFO approached them, the area lit up and she was paralyzed. By a beam of light, she was taken to a UFO, where she found herself in a round, gray-white space.

There were two types of creatures: some were short, others taller. The short creatures, of which there were two, had a large round head with a pointed chin. Their eyes were large and black, and their mouths were slit-like, above were the openings for the nose. Their skin was gray and wrinkled. They were dressed in gray and blue overalls that looked like metal, with a hood over the shoulders.

Two more higher beings were present. They, too, had large black eyes and slit-like mouths of the same type and skin as the short ones. The short woman was the boss, and the two taller beings were subordinates.

Two men who at the time of the abduction were with her in the car were also here, they were lying on other tables and she saw them out of the corner of her eye.

The woman appeared to be a hostile and curious being, while one of the men treated her in a way that could describe the state from indifferent to sympathetic. They communicated with her telepathically, making it clear that they did not wish her harm.

A gynecological examination was performed on the table and her eggs were taken from her. She was told that her eggs would help their race find new life. They also said that they were refugees from a dying planet and that we (earthlings) were also doomed. She has no idea how she left this place, but then all three returned to the car, which was parked on the side of the road.

UFO Abductions in Australia: Abduction of a Woman Between 1965 and 1967 in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales


In 1967, a 20-year-old woman recalled numerous abductions over several years. Memories occurred partly consciously, partly under hypnosis. Fragmentary memories of several short creatures with large eyes, a slit mouth, a small nose, no ears, and large heads. They were dressed in an elastic suit and moved as if they were walking through the air.

The creatures communicated with her telepathically and said that they were refugees from a dying planet, and they had difficulties with reproduction (reproduction). They also told her that she would forget about the abduction, but they would be back. The creatures examined her and inserted something into her left ear with a long, thin needle.

The atmosphere aboard the UFO was normal. She met a creature that made her believe it was tall and handsome when in reality it was short, and a group of old people who reminded her of a group of Greek philosophers.

UFO abductions in Australia: October 1992 Melbourne, abduction of a woman named Sharon


Sharon, a psychology graduate, woke up one morning and told her husband about the night's experience. She worked up late and woke up half asleep. When she woke up, she found that the room was brightly lit. Then she climbed through the ceiling in a beam of light. In the next moment, creatures appeared around her and laid her on the table.

She was telepathically told that the subsequent process would be unpleasant, but not painful. She was told that they were going to take eggs from her ovaries. Then she felt something enter her stomach. She was told not to be frightened. She was in pain.

Then she was told that she was coming back and that she would feel that everything that was happening was not real, but simply had a terrible dream. The next moment she was already in her bed.

UFO abductions in Australia: August 7, 1993 Belgrave Victoria, 6 people abducted


Six people, three groups, one of three people, a couple and a single man, in three separate vehicles independently reported their involvement in a very strange incident.

All groups stopped their cars to watch a large object descend from the sky and land on the field, after which a group of tall creatures appeared and approached the three groups of people sitting in their cars. Then they had a blackout and they all woke up a few hours later, also sitting in their cars.

The husband and wife, who were sitting in the same car, woke up, both felt unwell and looking at their watches found that they had spent several hours somewhere, but did not remember what they were doing at that time.

Upon returning home and before going to bed, one of the women, named Kelly, noticed a red triangular mark under the navel and a small "cut" in the bikini line, similar to a laparoscopic mark. It seemed that this cut was only a few days old.

Kelly was later hospitalized for unexplained bleeding in critical condition.

In the car in which there were three people, both women recalled that they were abducted aboard a UFO, and later found physical marks, scars on their bodies, and all had lower abdominal pain.