Sunstroke. Woman dies in Artyom due to heat

Sunstroke. Woman dies in Artyom due to heat
Sunstroke. Woman dies in Artyom due to heat

The tragic incident stirred up Artyom and caused a violent reaction on social networks. The woman was at the dacha in the heat, lost consciousness due to the stuffiness, fell and hurt herself. After she woke up, the relatives decided to take the victim to the city trauma center themselves. While waiting for an appointment there, the woman again lost consciousness. The emergency room workers, and later the ambulance, began to pump it out.

But resuscitation measures - they were carried out within 30 minutes - did not help. The woman passed away. Experts emphasize that sunstroke can have very serious consequences for people with chronic diseases and pathologies. Patients in this category need to be urgently delivered either to the intensive care unit or to the hospital. That is, call an ambulance or take the victims to the hospital yourself. There are many such stories. Only in Artyom, once or twice a day, people with heatstroke go to the emergency room. Doctors once again emphasize that in these situations it is impossible to self-medicate, but urgently need to resort to the help of specialized specialists.

Anton Chitaev, Deputy Chief Physician of the City Hospital No. 1 in Artyom:

- Loss of consciousness can be associated with either impaired cerebral circulation or heart failure.

And the bruise of the chest, which the woman received, is already the consequences of the main cause. Therefore, in such a situation, the count went on for minutes, it was necessary to act promptly. It is necessary to deliver, if the relatives do not take responsibility and the initiative not to call an ambulance, then it is necessary to take the victim to the hospital, to the emergency room, to the intensive care unit.

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