Veneers for teenagers: is it safe to put on vinyl for schoolchildren

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Veneers for teenagers: is it safe to put on vinyl for schoolchildren
Veneers for teenagers: is it safe to put on vinyl for schoolchildren

Adolescence is a time when children are especially sensitive to comments related to their appearance. Therefore, teens with bad teeth are often embarrassed to smile, lose confidence and eventually become withdrawn. The easiest way to fix minor cosmetic defects is to install aligners.

This method will save the teenager from many problems, but parents often doubt his safety. Professional dentists (including the dental blog of Alexander Gorbachev) say that it is possible to install plates in puberty, but you should not do this too early.

Is it possible to put veneers on a teenager

It is important to remember: it is strictly forbidden to attach plates to milk teeth. Accordingly, to start work, you will have to wait until there is a complete change of all units to the indigenous ones (usually this happens after reaching 16 years of age). Only then will the doctor be able to understand what shape the teenager's teeth have and what kind of plates will need to be used to eliminate defects.

In some cases, the orthodontist has to act immediately, because waiting will not give any result (for example, when one of the teeth has grown deeper than the rest in the row). However, in such situations, doctors recommend to put adolescents not veneers, but lumineers. These plates are designed for several years of use and can later be replaced with permanent versions. It is allowed to put lumineers from 13-14 years old, provided that the tooth has already changed to a molar one.

What materials are used for teenage veneers

When installing plates at an early age, special attention is paid not only to aesthetic qualities, but also to the issue of durability. After all, veneers are often necessary for a person throughout his life, so the stronger they are, the better. Most commonly, dentists offer the following aligner materials.

  • Zirconium dioxide. Ideal for a teenager. Such records are practically eternal and look absolutely natural. Their only drawback is their high cost.
  • Porcelain / ceramics … Etfi veneers also look very beautiful, but they are not as durable than zirconia and are used as a less expensive alternative to the latter.
  • Composite materials … In the case of adolescents, they are used only as a temporary option.

It is important to remember: only a professional dentist can prescribe a procedure for attaching veneers to a boy or a girl. Together with the doctor, it will also be possible to choose the optimal material for the plates and determine when it is best to install them.