Associated with Mental Disorders and Mortality Among COVID-19 Patients

Associated with Mental Disorders and Mortality Among COVID-19 Patients
Associated with Mental Disorders and Mortality Among COVID-19 Patients

Is there a significant link between mental health disorders and mortality associated with COVID-19? Scientists published the study and reported that they conducted a thorough analysis of 16 observational studies in 7 countries involving 19,086 patients - mental disorders were associated with increased mortality from COVID-19.

Patients with severe mental illness had the highest mortality rates

These data suggest that patients with COVID-19 and mental health problems should be classified as a high-risk population for severe COVID-19, requiring enhanced prevention and treatment strategies.

For this systematic review and meta-analysis, searches were conducted on MEDLINE, Web of Science and Google Scholar from inception until February 12, 2021. To be exhaustive, the term mental has been changed to psychiatric. schizophrenia, psychotic disorder (A psychotic disorder is a pathological condition in which the patient has difficulties in determining the reality or unreality of the events occurring with him. In this disease, the patient develops delusional ideas, hallucinations appear, it is impossible to convince him that he is wrong.) Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorders, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Personality Disorder, Eating Disorder, Alcohol Abuse, Substance Abuse.

Eligible studies were studies of all COVID-19 diagnosed patients looking at the relationship between mental illness and mortality.

A total of 16 population studies (data from medico-administrative health databases or electronic / health records) were conducted in 7 countries (1 from Denmark, 2 from France, 1 from Israel, 3 from South Korea, 1 from Spain, 1 from the UK and 7 from the USA) and 19,086 patients with mental disorders.

The studies covering the period December 2019 to July 2020 were of good quality and there was no publication bias.

Mortality from COVID-19 has been associated with an increased risk among patients with mental disorders compared to patients without mental disorders.

Thus, patients with mental disorders should be identified as high-risk for severe COVID-19, which requires improved strategies for the prevention and treatment of Covid in these patients.

Future studies should better assess the risk to patients with each mental disorder. However, the highest risk appears to have been found in studies involving people with schizophrenia and / or bipolar disorder.

The study is published in the journal JAMA (American Medical Association) in the category "Psychiatry"

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