Natural fires continue to blaze in Yakutia

Natural fires continue to blaze in Yakutia
Natural fires continue to blaze in Yakutia

Smoke from forest fires covered Yakutsk. The city is as if in a fog. The smell of burning is everywhere. Rescuers send SMS notifications about unfavorable weather conditions. The north wind brought smog. This is smoke from fires that operate in three districts of the region at once. In such conditions, it is especially difficult for those with chronic diseases. The number of visits to doctors has increased significantly.

Due to poor visibility, navigation along the Lena River is difficult. The ferry crossing is periodically closed. Air traffic is interrupted regularly. Airports of Yakutsk and Mirny do not accept planes. Not only passenger ships, but also aviation, which is involved in extinguishing the fire, cannot fly.

On the eve of the smoke from forest fires in Yakutia reached the shores of Lake Baikal. It also periodically covers other regions of Siberia and the Far East, reaches Alaska.

Abnormal heat and drought led to the outbreak of fires in Yakutia. During the whole summer there was practically no precipitation, the taiga dried up, swamps and peat bogs caught fire. Dry thunderstorms set fire to the forest. The fire covered over a million hectares of taiga. More than two thousand people are fighting the fire. The forest guard has to work in an emergency mode. The main way in the fight against the elements is the creation of fire ditches and counter annealing.

By decision of the federal headquarters for the coordination and extinguishing of forest fires on the territory of the Russian Federation, it was decided to continue work with the use of explosives.

With the help of blasting operations, it is possible to lay tens of kilometers of trenches in a short time, especially in mountainous areas. Heavy equipment cannot be delivered to hard-to-reach areas. Firefighters have to dig in manually.

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