Dental prosthetics in Moscow - how to choose the best method

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Dental prosthetics in Moscow - how to choose the best method
Dental prosthetics in Moscow - how to choose the best method

A beautiful smile is the key to success in all spheres of life, but one should not forget about her health. Over the years, certain changes occur in bone and soft tissue. According to statistics, people under 35 years old already have chronic periodontal diseases, an unsanded oral cavity, missing teeth, as well as a multiple carious process! Not in time treated caries carries a high risk of chipping, depulpation and completely tooth loss. All these pathologies are actively developing due to improper oral care.

If you have the above problems, don't worry! Orthopedic surgeons will help restore chewing function, as well as aesthetics. Dental prosthetics is a whole branch in the field of dentistry, which deals with the restoration of the anatomical shape of the tooth, the function of the tooth and, as a result, the surrounding tissues (periodontium).

Any orthopedic manipulations are carried out strictly after consultation with our specialists, elimination of all inflammation and sanitation of the oral cavity (caries treatment). If, due to the carious process, there is not enough hard tooth tissue left, then you can always restore it with an inlay or crown.

Taking care of you, we will leave a small reminder-recommendation for the care of the oral cavity:

  • You need to brush your teeth 2-3 times a day after taking food (after breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Use floss (floss) at least once a day before bed
  • Minimize the amount of high-carbohydrate foods (sweet, starchy foods, sugary carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, etc.)
  • Smoking disrupts blood circulation in your gums, leading to degenerative processes and early tooth loss
  • Visit the dentist once every 6 months


This industry is one of the most aesthetic and artistic trends in dentistry. So what is it about microprostheses? Microprostheses are orthopedic structures that restore the aesthetics and function of the tooth and dentition. They are extremely diverse and each has its own indications and benefits. In order to make the right choice of the type of prosthetics, it is best to contact experienced doctors at the dentistry clinic that you trust.


They are thin ceramic onlays on the teeth. They perfectly cope with their task: they restore aesthetics, color and slight curvature of the tooth. But many people dream of even white teeth without wearing braces, right?

As a rule, veneers are applied to the entire frontal group of teeth. The undoubted advantage of veneers is that they can be done in one visit without turning or with minimal turning of your teeth!

Veneers are made from highly durable porcelain, but can also be made from composite material.

The service life of the structure depends on the material from which the veneers are made. On average, it is 7 years old.

Lumineers are a separate type of veneers, an even thinner overlay on the teeth. Ideal for bridging small cracks in the tooth and for color correction.


They are thin pads on the chewing group of teeth. They are made in cases of large carious cavities, when restoration with a conventional filling is impossible, since the risks of chipping are extremely high. Inlays are distinguished by their microscopic, tight fit to the natural tissues of the tooth and by their strength.

They can be made of composite, ceramics (only with a slight defect) and zirconium (the most durable material in modern dentistry). The advantage of inlays over fillings is their greater accuracy and strength.


Designed to restore hard tooth tissues, when most of them are destroyed by caries. Manufacturing is possible from various materials: from metal-free ceramics, from cermets, from zirconium dioxide.

Metal-free ceramics does not contain a metal matrix (cap). It looks very aesthetically pleasing and natural, the tooth is sharpened minimally, but still it is inferior in strength to metal-containing structures.

A porcelain-fused-to-metal crown consists of a metal cap, which adds strength to the crown, and a ceramic veneer. The design is distinguished by its strength, aesthetics and a fairly affordable price. Service life - 10-15 years.

Zirconium dioxide crowns are the most versatile and reliable option, since the material combines all the positive qualities, both strength and aesthetics. And also the service life is over 10 years!


It is an operation to insert an implant into the bone tissue. This is the surgical stage of restoring the chewing function of a lost tooth. It is used in the absence of teeth in any quantity. Implants can also take a leading role in orthopedic treatment. After all, they can be used as a support for a bridge and other prosthetic options. As a rule, high-quality implants of the Nobel, Astra Tech, Inno, Xive Friadent systems are used.

The implantation phase is followed by the orthopedic phase. It includes the load on the implant, that is, the restoration of the crown part of the tooth.


Orthopedic construction, which is designed to restore chewing function with the loss of two or more teeth in the dentition. It is a fixed prosthesis. Includes abutment crowns and artificial teeth replacing the defect. Special attention should be paid to the condition of the abutment teeth: they must be completely healthy and endodontically treated. The material of choice is very diverse and is discussed with specialists.

Removable dentures

They are used for complete loss of teeth. The advantage is an affordable price and a fairly fast production time for prostheses. For an exceptionally high-quality design, the doctor takes impressions, according to which an individual basis and artificial teeth of the required size and color are made. An excellent alternative to removable dentures is implant-based prosthetics. But the method of treatment is selected by our specialists after personal consultation and drawing up a complete treatment plan.

Prosthetics in the absence of teeth

The complete absence of teeth is not a sentence! The problem is solved not only with complete removable dentures. Various methods All-on-4 or All-on-6 are possible, thanks to which the fastest and most reliable prosthetics is possible!

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