Forest fires rage in southern Europe

Forest fires rage in southern Europe
Forest fires rage in southern Europe

In Sicily, over the past day, firefighters went on call more than 250 times. Forest fires are raging on the island, the flames are close to the city of Catania. Dozens of people were evacuated from other settlements.

At the same time, the authorities of several Sicilian municipalities say that the fires were the result of arson, blame the mafia for what is happening and demand an investigation.

Firefighters talk about at least ten fires across the island. Aviation helps to cope with fire.

In Turkey, the number of victims of large-scale forest fires in the Antalya province is growing. According to local media reports, at least six people have already died. The number of victims exceeds 400, of whom ten remain in hospitals in serious condition.

Firefighters from other countries are helping Turkish colleagues. The authorities of Georgia and Kazakhstan expressed their readiness. Russia has already sent four firefighting aircraft.

In the south of Turkey, almost a hundred fires were recorded, most of them managed to be localized. More than a thousand people were thrown into extinguishing.

Greece also expressed its readiness to help its neighbors, despite the fact that in Greece itself, in the last 24 hours alone, 48 new foci of forest fires have been recorded. The temperature in some regions of the country reaches 45 °. Private beaches around the Greek capital have eliminated admission fees under these conditions, allowing residents and tourists to escape the heat at sea.

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