Forecast of events for 2021

Forecast of events for 2021
Forecast of events for 2021

1. The virus will not disappear and will continue to mutate, becoming more and more infectious. In this case, vaccines will be useless.

2. The epidemic will begin to spread among animals.

3. In 2021, cold wars and commercial wars will begin between the main states.

4. Because of wars, large states will withdraw from alliances, so international organizations will no longer have any influence.

5. Many people become depressed, which will further complicate their life and become a threat to others.

6. The gap between rich and poor will increase markedly.

7. Problems with terrorism may arise, massacres are possible.

8. There will be several serious plane crashes.

9. In 2021, many large enterprises will close.

10. People will be able to find what they have lost, and finally uncover an ancient secret.

11. In 2021 we can expect an economic crisis.

12. The climate will continue to go crazy. Global warming stories will begin to give way to global cooling stories.

13. The wind will intensify and provoke a huge number of natural disasters.

14. There will be computer viruses that paralyze all computer systems in the world.

15. A revolution of mankind will take place, which will lead to a change in the world order and the laws existing today.

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