Extremely rare occurrence - blooming cacti in the Arizona desert

Extremely rare occurrence - blooming cacti in the Arizona desert
Extremely rare occurrence - blooming cacti in the Arizona desert

A hint of impending extraordinary events may be taking place in the Arizona desert - and this is due to a giant species of cactus.

Saguaro, which can live for centuries and grow to almost 24 meters, bloomed in the spring, which is far beyond the norm. This is taking place in the Sonoran Desert, and experts suspect it may be an example of how global environmental change is affecting even the most ancient plants.

"The people of Tucson have witnessed an extremely rare phenomenon: saguaros are blooming literally everywhere," representatives of the Sonoran Desert Network & Desert Research Learning Center said on May 26 on Facebook.

"Saguaro usually blooms in spring. And when they bloom, flowering is usually limited to the crown at the very top of the main trunk or mature branches. But after the out-of-season bloom last fall, saguaro flowers now appear along the entire length of the main stems and shoots and, remarkably, even on small buds ".

This strange behavior takes on added significance given the long lifespan of the saguaro.

"An adult saguaro is generally thought to be around 125 years old," says the National Park Service. The average lifespan of the saguaro is probably 150-175 years. "However, biologists believe that some plants can live for more than 200 years."

Saguaro is considered "a symbol of the American West," however, according to representatives of the NPS, they are rare. Found in only a small part of the United States, these majestic plants are protected by the Saguaro National Park near Tuscon.

Despite its beauty, the blooming phenomenon is daunting, leaving botanists wondering what will happen next. Last year, evidence emerged that other plants are blooming out of season across the country, including prickly pears in Arizona, hyacinth bulbs in Illinois, and aloe vera in Southern California.

"The reasons for all this are unclear," the center said.

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