Werewolf Monster: Altai Nightmare

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Werewolf Monster: Altai Nightmare
Werewolf Monster: Altai Nightmare

Civilized people don't eat each other. Is it so? The facts of cannibalism are quite rare, but still sometimes we learn about them from various media. In extreme situations, for example after a shipwreck, finding themselves in the open ocean without food and food supplies, distraught people happened to eat their comrades in misfortune.

Harsh President

But stories are known for cannibals who acted in cold blood and quite deliberately. For example, the President of the Central African Republic Jean-Bedel Bokassa devoured his guilty, in his opinion, ministers with gusto.

When escaping from the northern camps of the USSR, intending to go through hundreds of kilometers of deserted and wild places, the criminals specially took with them a "cow" - as in their jargon they called a person destined to be eaten in advance. A kind of a walking stock of meat at the moment when the products we took with us run out.

But there are cases of mysterious cannibalism, smack of mysticism.

Scary meeting

In the winter of 1959, two young taiga hunters Sariglar and Adar with their dogs hunted fur animals in a remote remote area of Gorny Altai. Once, after a successful fishing, friends loaded with fluffy prey gathered to return to their hunting hut. It was already dark when they set off. Ten minutes later, Adar remembered that he had left the only camping ax in the parking lot, and, scolding himself for forgetfulness, decided to return for it. Fifteen minutes after he left, one of the dogs howled loudly. Angry Sariglar swung at the animal in their hearts.

As time went. Adar did not return, and the hunter set off after him, illuminating his path with a flashlight. Approaching the parking lot and already distinguishing the silhouette, as he counted, of a friend who, hunched over, was squatting and fiddling with some elongated object, he called out loudly. In response to the cry of Sariglar, there was a gurgling growl, and a huge, apparently more than two meters tall, and fur-covered humanoid creature rose to meet him. Living horror of the taiga!

Bare bloody fangs, the monster stared at the hunter with evil little eyes burning with some kind of hypnotic light! As it sprang to its feet, in the beam of the flashlight, Sariglar saw the severed head of Adar, its bulging eyes, fall onto the snow. The monster, like a leg, held in its huge arms the half-gnawed hand of the hunter, on the finger of which a large silver signet flashed with a dim light - an object of his pride.

Sariglar screamed wildly and, not remembering himself from fear, rushed to the hunting hut. With difficulty he waited for dawn, and in the morning, with a loaded double-barreled gun at the ready, looking around, he headed to the nearest village. The cannibal, apparently, was full and did not pursue the hunter. Only in the evening did Sariglar come to the village and asked the first person he met to take him to the shaman.

Conversation with the shaman

Sariglar told the shaman in detail about the incident. He listened carefully to him and asked:

- How old are you?

“Twenty-three years,” said the hunter.

The shaman silently handed him a mirror. Sariglar hardly recognized himself: the face of a haggard gray-haired man was reflected in the mirror.

“The evil spirit of hell not only killed your friend, but also almost took your life,” said the shaman, and told his interlocutor about the werewolf ogre, who has been terrorizing the area for fifteen years and kidnapping people from the surrounding villages. Only in their village ten people did not return from the taiga. Women disappeared mainly in the spring. The monster probably raped them before eating them.

Several times the werewolf man-eater was raided and ambushed, but to no avail. The evil spirit of hell simply disappeared for this time, as if it was sinking into the ground, and even experienced hunters could not find its traces.

Sariglar decided to avenge the terrible death of his friend and rid the population of the area from the cannibal.

Monster hunt

Eight hunters agreed to help Sariglar find and destroy the ferocious ogre. It was a deadly hunt. Endowed with supernatural powers and, apparently, paranormal abilities, the monster killed them all. Miraculously escaped and, as it turned out later, only Sariglar managed to destroy the cannibal.

Pursued by a monster who lost his gun, he managed to hide in a hunting hut. By chance, it contained sulfuric acid, which hunters use when processing skins taken from hunted animals. A full bucket of acid and sludge Sariglar in the face of the cannibal, when he tore the door off the hook and thrust into the hut to finish off the hunter. With a smoking, burned face, the monster snarling in pain rushed away and disappeared among the trees.

A year later, the hunter visited that village again. He was told that people from the villages no longer disappear in the taiga. And six months later, someone saw at the bottom of a shallow gorge the corpse of a huge strange creature, covered with hair from head to toe. We decided to get it and find out what this monster is. It rained for several days. When the weather was fine, a group of armed hunters and volunteers headed to the gorge, where they saw the body of the monster. When they arrived there, it turned out that the body was covered with a powerful snow-stone avalanche that descended from the steep slope of the mountain.

This is how this spooky story ended. The species of the bloody man-eating monster was not established and remained a mystery.

And taiga resident Sariglar Markitanov soon left the hunting trade and moved to the city of Barnaul.