Borok Anomaly: Secrets of the X-tract

Borok Anomaly: Secrets of the X-tract
Borok Anomaly: Secrets of the X-tract

Today, probably, there is no person who would not have heard about the anomalous zones and the miracles that sometimes happen there. There are many such places on the map of our country, and most of them have already been walked along and across by researchers of the paranormal. And yet there are protected places in Russia that can surprise anyone with their miracles.

Informant visit

Tract X is one of the oldest anomalous zones in Russia. It is not so easy to find it, it is not indicated on the maps. For the current generation of ufologists, the X tract is more of a myth than reality.

Let's start with the fact that in a number of recent publications about the anomalous zone, an error was initially incorporated. This place is not in the Yaroslavl region, as many believe, but in the Vologda region. And not just anywhere, but in the middle of the Darwin State Nature Biosphere Reserve, not far from the administrative center of the district - the village of Borok.

In 1991 Yaroslavl ufologists were interested in this area of ​​the crane. It was visited by about 20 scientific expeditions, during which it was possible to collect a lot of eyewitness accounts, describing, for example, the unprecedented UFO activity in the Borok region. But where did the first information about the existence of this anomalous zone come from? And why is the area itself named so strangely - tract X? It is worth dwelling on these issues in more detail.

With the name, however, everything is simple. "X" in this case should be understood not as "X", but as the first letter from the name of the village of Hotovets.

It all began with the fact that in 1988 a certain Alexander Petrovich Gusev turned to the workers of the Yaroslavl Planetarium. He was a resident of Yaroslavl, but was born and raised in Hotovets, in the Vologda region. According to Gusev, incredible things were happening in his native village and surroundings, connected with the visit of the Earth by representatives of alien civilizations.

Fire arrows

Soon after this visit, the planetarium hosted a meeting of the Meridian Astronomical and Geodetic Society, which dealt with issues of ufology. A member of the "Meridian" was Valery Aleksandrovich Kukushkin, the head of a group organized by the society for the study of anomalous phenomena. Alexander Gusev addressed the audience. His story seemed fantastic to the audience.

Gusev had not lived in his native places for a long time, but he remembered the events that took place there, down to the smallest details. According to him, the strangeness began in the vicinity of the village of Hotovets back in 1890. At that distant time, an incredible incident happened there: a huge object fell from the sky onto a hill next to the lake, about a hundred meters from the village. A large pit formed at the site of his fall. When the locals, overcoming their fear, went to the place of the disaster, they saw "stirring fiery arrows" in the pit. What they meant by this name is still unknown.

Since then, residents were afraid to come close to that pit, and whoever happened to suffer from severe headaches and other sudden ailments. Shortly after the described event in Hotovets and other nearby villages, out of nowhere, the loss of livestock began.

The hill where the unknown celestial body fell was called Osarki. Seeing that something was wrong, the local priest ordered to bring there a cart with slaked lime intended for the repair of a stone church in one of the villages. The pit with "fiery arrows" was filled up. Soon a small wooden church was erected on Osarki. Written evidence has been preserved that it was as if it was unclean in this church. During services, parishioners often felt sick, began to ache and dizzy, no one could stay there for a long time.

Iron steamer

About ten years after the fall of the mysterious object, another strange incident occurred.One day, in broad daylight, a fiery object appeared over the lake (it was called, like the village, Hotovets). The locals called it the "iron steamer". Having reached one of the nearby hills, the object crashed into it from the fly and went into the ground.

After the second UFO visit, anomalies in the vicinity of Hotovets increased. After some time, residents began to notice that the water in lakes and rivers (and there are several of them in this area) sometimes began to vibrate in a strange way, at which time everything around was announced with some strange high-pitched sound.

In a small creek, which women have long chosen for bathing, and in the whole lake, the water began to show healing properties. According to the observations of residents, if you stay in it for no more than five minutes, then you go to the shore refreshed and rejuvenated. And the skin after such bathing becomes more elastic. And some people suffering from chronic diseases, thanks to Hotovets water, managed to heal. But if you spend more than five minutes in a reservoir, the effect becomes the opposite, the state of health sharply worsens.

And even after the descent of the "iron steamer" to the Hotovets land, local residents now and then began to meet in their native places strange humanoid creatures with green faces, according to descriptions very similar to aliens - such as we imagine them to be.

Valery Kukushkin's expeditions

Gusev's story inspired the researchers so much that it was decided to equip a research expedition to the Borok region. Valery Kukushkin, a former deputy of the City Council, enjoyed great prestige, he had connections, and, despite the protests of the reserve staff, it was not a problem to get a pass.

Arriving at the reserve, the group discovered that almost nothing remained on the site of the once large village of Hotovets: people left their homes back in the 1950s. Despite this, residents still remained in the neighboring villages. It turned out that according to the government plan, developed several decades ago, Hotovets, like other villages near the Rybinsk reservoir, was diverted for flooding.

This plan remained a plan, but most of the inhabitants were resettled. The rest were cut off from the benefits of civilization.

There was no gas or electricity in their homes. In the evenings, people lit their homes with kerosene lamps, cooked food in the oven, and some even had gramophones, and you could listen to music.

From 1991 to 1997, Valery Kukushkin organized 27 expeditions in the Boroksky region, as a result of which about 2000 messages were recorded concerning the mysterious events taking place in these places.

Eyewitness accounts (from Kukushkin's materials)

V. Pestryakov, a resident of the village of Vlasikha:

“Last year at the end of summer there was such a case. I saw a fireball hovering over the nearby forest. He hung there for a while, then jumped off the spot and fell down like a stone. I went to that place, and when I got there, I saw a burnt patch of grass on a hill among bog bumps. It was not a fireplace at all, there was not a coal in that place. The burnt area was triangular in shape, the edges were even. And from above it is like sprinkled with ashes”.

A.A. Boyarskov, a resident of the village of Plenishnik:

“August 3, 1991 At 11:05 pm, at the northeastern edge of the sky, I noticed a strange luminous object. It was a shimmering ball with a small glowing area on top. On its sides, several lights shone in different colors. After about 15 minutes, the ball began to rise upward. From this position, he was almost invisible, the Moon interfered. But the halo of light from the ball still remained.

From this position, he suddenly flew south and suddenly, right before our eyes, divided into four equal parts, which began to move away, alternately blinking, and were soon lost from sight."

A.I. Shishina, resident of Samsha village:

“About two years ago in August one night I woke up because a strong light hit my eyes.Approaching the window, I looked out into the street and couldn't believe my eyes: in the sky opposite the house there was a glowing orange ball about the size of the moon. Two bright wide beams emanated from it, one of them shone through my window. From time to time, silvery dots ran over the ball, which is why it then began to change color and for some time shone with a silvery light. Then he got under way and slowly flew south, towards the neighboring village."

Who will remember about the Borok anomalous zone?

In expeditions organized on a voluntary basis, along with a few specialists, ignorant people, keen on the topic of UFOs, but did not want to engage in scientific research, participated. The staff of the reserve also interfered with the work; they did not want to let ufologists into their territory.

After some time, Valery Alexandrovich got tired of struggling with difficulties in organizing expeditions. Age took its toll: he had health problems. The research had to be stopped.

The result of the enormous work done by Kukushkin was his book "Chimeras of the tract X". The very name Hotovets does not appear in it for some reason.

15 years have passed since the last expedition. More than the Borok anomalous zone, as the Iks tract is sometimes called, none of the ufologists has studied. Now this territory, despite the huge number of unique phenomena observed there, is unjustifiably forgotten. Let's hope not forever.

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