Woman's magic: witch's kitchen

Woman's magic: witch's kitchen
Woman's magic: witch's kitchen

As they say, in war and in love - all means are good. Armed with this thesis, hundreds and thousands of people, desperate to find their happiness, go to witches, grandmothers and fortune-tellers. Well, what can they treat their clients with?

The power of tradition

In the arsenal of the modern witch there are both old time-tested recipes and newfangled potions using completely modern technologies. There are a lot of options here: you can give to eat a charmed apple, to drink a potion that will turn a person into a zombie, unable to think about anything but the object of his passion. There are hard-to-pronounce conspiracies or dry spells that are used alone or with the help of an experienced sorceress. They say that the greatest effect can be achieved if these cherished words are pronounced over the clothes of a loved one, a lock of his hair or some other material object related to him.

Even in the 19th century, the preparation of talismans, capable of bewitching, or, conversely, turning away, from animal bones, was considered very effective. For example, you can put a frog in an anthill and wait until only bones remain from it. Choose from them a "hook" and "pitchfork", which with certain words to stick into the clothes of the person chosen for the impact. In this case, the "hook" bone causes attraction, and if the opposite effect is needed, then the "pitchfork" is used.

To return the husband to the family, the following remedy is recommended: to notice the place where the roosters are fighting, take a handful of earth from this place and pour it on the rival's bed. These actions will provoke quarrels and a cooling of the relationship, so that the unfaithful spouse will be forced to return to the legal half.

Herbs are still very popular, which are part of various powders and ritual candles, which can be purchased in special stores or try to cook at home. Such witchcraft herbs include periwinkle, iron ore, verbena, mistletoe, honeysuckle, lavender, nutmeg, and a little known herb evidence. Also in love magic, aphrodisiacs are widely used - means that arouse attraction. Products such as honey, celery, parsley, walnuts are natural aphrodisiacs, but artificial substances with a stronger effect have been obtained today.

Love spell is a terrible force

As you can see, there are more than enough means for arranging personal life with the help of magic, and there is no doubt that at least some of them actually work. It remains only to figure out in what cases it is worth using them, and whether it is worth it at all.

A successful businessman Oleg had a wife, a beloved daughter and … a beautiful secretary Irina with an unsettled personal life. Not that Irina was completely alone, but somehow it was not possible to find a worthy partner. Day after day, Irina kept an eye on her boss: smart, charming, successful, with a great sense of humor. Wherever Oleg appeared, a company of intelligent people gathered around him, whom he attracted like a magnet. Also, the advantages could be attributed to the absence of bad habits and moral stability. One trouble - all this already belonged to another woman. Irina resorted to various tricks, hinted at her feelings, but the chief only smiled correctly and translated everything into a joke. The woman was hurt. Once she saw an ad: “Love spell. Lapel. Reliable. " As it turned out later, the method turned out to be really reliable. A week after completing all the magical instructions, Oleg changed dramatically: he lingered after work in order to spend more time with his secretary, did not take his eyes off her for hours … But in order for the effect to last, the magical influence had to be maintained at the proper level. Over time, Oleg lost weight, grew thin, that wonderful smile that so captivated Irina disappeared, then the sense of humor disappeared. More pleasant companies did not gather around Oleg, he became uncommunicative and gloomy, and then completely closed himself off, abandoned business. The company had problems, which first of all fell on Irina's shoulders, since the boss became practically incapacitated - he looked at her with the eyes of a sick dog for hours and did nothing. It is not surprising that soon this situation began to strain Irina: instead of celebrating a victory over her rival, she was solving work issues for days, and Oleg, who had turned into a wordless idol, became completely uninteresting to her.

In the end, Irina went to her magical assistant and asked to return everything to its place. But it turned out to be not so simple: in order for witchcraft to turn back, the assistance of the third peak of this love triangle, that is, Oleg's wife, was required. Fortunately, she didn’t put her “crazy” rival out the door, but agreed to cooperate. Now the family has been restored, and the less fortunate Irina had to move to another city and try to find a life partner without the intervention of magic.

The main thing is not to harm

But there are among the "witchcraft" means and those that can be used without fear, for example, in case of overwork and fatigue, a decoction will help: three parts of calendula flowers, hawthorn fruits, rose hips, succession herb, two parts of oregano and one part of golden root. When preparing a decoction of such a composition, one can say: "Boil, the weed is delicious, let your beloved drink and understand that no one will please him like that, no one will try so hard …" Thanks to medicinal herbs, the drink raises the general tone of the body, cooked, no one has been harmed yet. A drink prepared according to an old recipe is recommended to be given to the betrothed at dinner. Mix one glass of dry red wine with a crushed juniper branch and heat, but do not boil. Insist on a water bath for 10-15 minutes, then strain and mix with rum or brandy and sugar. Most likely, a man will appreciate this home "witchcraft" and your care, the main thing here is not to overdo it: the drink is still quite strong.

And laughter and sin

And here's another story about love magic, which, fortunately, ended well. The situation is banal: a married couple, married for three years, no children yet, no special worries. So it seemed to Svetlana that her beloved had cooled a little towards her, and she also had a dream that Victor had gone to another woman. I always believed in the Dreams of Light and therefore decided to take urgent measures. There were no decent witches nearby, but the Internet was at hand, and there recipes for all kinds of potions and conspiracies were apparently invisible. Svetlana especially liked one time-consuming, but apparently very effective way, which recommended that on the full moon go to the fork in the road in what her mother gave birth to, find seven cubs of a bat in the forest and throw them into an anthill. Then find seven identical aspen trees, stick seven pins into them, hollow out a birch bowl, walk around the largest tree in the area to the right and left several times, and collect 333 dewdrops from different flowers into a homemade birch bowl. Now do not forget the bats - their gnawed bones need to be crushed and, having thus received a love elixir, return home backward and during all this do not forget to repeat the name of your beloved … The one who posted this on the Internet was probably very merry, but Sveta was no laughing matter: firstly, she did not find the mice, secondly, she did not dare to leave the summer cottage village naked, and thirdly, the husband who woke up alone went to look for her. And he found his wife under the largest tree, bitten by mosquitoes, with a birch pelvis filled with either dew or tears.

Victor, who, by the way, did not even suspect that some problems were brewing in their relationship, was extremely amused when he heard the whole story. And I was also happy for the seven poor mice who were not found, as well as for my stomach, because it is not known what effect a magic drink would have on digestion … I must say that this adventure had a beneficial effect on family relationships, and now at night I am happy the couple strengthens their union not by running through the woods, but in a more pleasant and natural way.

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