Energy vampires - who are they?

Energy vampires - who are they?
Energy vampires - who are they?

Once Count Dracula and his bloodthirsty relatives terrified the whole world. But the vampires, impaled by aspen stakes, have forever calmed down in their graves. The place of vampires sucking blood was taken by those who feed on other people's energy.

A hidden source of energy

Who are these energy vampires? To answer this question, we will have to move from the field of exact science to the field of esotericism, where the term "energetic vampirism" refers to such relationships between people in which one person takes away the life force from another. The concept of "life force" exists among many peoples: the Chinese call it "qi", the Japanese call it "ki", the Indian yogis - prana, the Europeans - the biofield … But what is it?

According to the apologists of esoteric philosophy, the biological life of the human body is supported in various ways, but among them there are three main ones: two visible ones are nutrition and respiration, and the third is a hidden source of subtle energies, the accumulator of which is the human soul and his heart. Breathing and nutrition support the body's work on a physical level, but the strength of life is not given to it.

The main source of vitality, energy of health and longevity is the spiritual world of a person. It is built on the energy of joy, love, wisdom, which cannot be touched, weighed, measured, but without which a person will not have a full life. If they are not enough, a person will try to find an energy source from which he will be able to fill the missing.

Some will draw vitality from nature, space, using spiritual studies and practices. When people cannot naturally replenish their reserves of vital energy, receiving it through pure feelings of love, joy and wisdom, they begin to feed on the strength of other representatives of homo sapiens. These people are energy vampires, because psychic energy is the same blood, only of a different level. And its loss instantly affects human health - it is rapidly deteriorating.

At home - alone, at work - others

Every person goes through the stage of vampirism, according to esotericists, but some learn to get out of it, filling their souls with love and joy, and then rise from the darkness to the sun, while others feed on the feelings of others until their death. And their life is terrible: they spend it using only coarse energy, not even suspecting the existence of more pure and subtle energies.

Astrology divides all people, regardless of what sign of the zodiac they were born under, into solar and lunar. The same division is used by esoteric specialists when it comes to energy vampires. These two categories are strikingly different from each other.

Solar vampires are cruel and selfish people, they always choose their own donor victim. Communicating with her, they provoke scandals and quarrels, causing mental pain in a person. Moreover, they act, as they say, head-on, insulting the victim and causing her an outburst of indignation. A solar vampire can instantly "suck" energy from a donor - until it is completely exhausted.

From contacts with him, the pressure changes sharply, cardiovascular diseases arise and worsen.

Lunar vampires are in every way the opposite of solar vampires. These are people who draw energy from the victim imperceptibly, quietly. They always complain about their problems, talking about them long and tediously. Such a person never enters into open conflicts with others, but in his heart he envies everyone, considers himself an underestimated genius, a victim of circumstances, which he informs everyone and everyone. From communication with the lunar vampire, there is a breakdown, vitality decreases, a sore throat, and yawning occurs.

A sharp and vicious moon vampire can only be with close people - in this case, outsiders simply would not recognize him.At work, he curses up with everyone, trying to give the impression of a polite person. In general, all vampires, no matter what "breed" they belong to, are characterized by duplicity. At home they are alone, at work and in society - completely different.

The nitpicking won't end

Any person can be a vampire - solar or lunar. You can even meet with those who drain strength in your own family. The main distinguishing feature of a vampire is his selfishness, he is not able to enjoy life. The family vampire is always aggressive and gives the household an energy shake every day. An important indicator in this case is jealousy. Jealousy is by no means a manifestation of love; it is a way of causing the victim to break down. During such breakdowns, the life force leaks. After being recharged, the vampire will come in a good mood and will ask for forgiveness from his victim, will assure her of love, but he cannot be trusted. Soon he will need to "recharge" again, and the scenario will repeat itself.

Another indicator of family vampirism, esoteric experts consider the constant reproaches and nagging of one of the spouses, which cause irritation and resentment in his partner. This is a difficult case, because no matter how the victim tries to please the vampire, no matter how she tries to meet his requirements, the nagging will not end, since they serve only as an excuse for absorbing vitality. Often in family relationships, mother-in-law and mother-in-law, parents whose children grow up and become independent, wives who suffer from a lack of impressions and inattention from a husband, act as vampires.

And health is more expensive

Individuals who dream of feeding themselves with someone else's energy can meet you anywhere, for example, on their way to work. Some people easily wake up in the morning and rush to work with a feeling of joy, others feel overwhelmed and hate everyone and everything. These latter are energy vampires. In order to get rid of their own heavy energy and recharge with good energy, such people, leaving the house, will surely be rude to someone, cause a quarrel, make their victim nervous and resentful and get what they dreamed of. And the victim will come to work squeezed like a lemon and will not be able to recover for a long time.

Vampires can be waiting for you at work, very often they are the boss. Usually he keeps the whole team in fear, arranges briefings once a week, at which each employee gets his own portion of claims and offensive words. As a rule, such a leader is indifferent to his subordinates and the very business in which he is engaged. The main thing for him is to keep a profitable place for a longer time. Such a boss always has a high turnover and poor performance - after all, no one can work in an environment of constant nervous shocks. Even more terrible is the boss who arranges not weekly, but daily "five minutes of hate." They are afraid of such people, they try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Fighting a vampire boss is difficult, but not impossible. For example, try not to react to his rudeness and just smile - you will see that he will become furious, because you did not allow him to recharge at your expense. But to behave like that, you have to be a very strong person. And does the work match the price you pay for it? It's not about your salary, it's about your health. If health is more dear to you, quit urgently and look for another boss.

Your phone rang …

Energy leakage can occur not only through direct contact, but also, for example, by telephone. As a rule, the telephone vampire does not share joy with the interlocutor, but splashes out his problems on him. It can be a relative, an acquaintance, a friend who always calls at the wrong time, distracts from important matters and takes up a lot of time. Senseless conversations with such an interlocutor always cause irritation, and this is exactly what a vampire needs, because just at this moment your energy begins to flow to him.

Our neighbors often turn out to be vampires too. Under various pretexts, the lunar ones impose themselves as friends, strive to come to you for tea, begin to conduct empty conversations, give unnecessary gifts and offer help that they do not ask for, but never invite to themselves. They don't need your visit, they want to feed on your energy, and not share theirs. And it is better to drink your vitality where a person feels calm, that is, at his home.

Solar vampires act differently. They constantly need to have an "enemy" next to them, they arrange scandals in the house, intrigues their neighbors, and achieve the fulfillment of some of their own rules. They create a tense atmosphere during which they feed on the energy of desperate people.

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire? Specialists in esotericism give a lot of advice on this matter, but all of them will do little to help someone who does not know how to live in balance with himself, nature and the world around him. You can, of course, learn to create energy protective screens around yourself, but this will not solve the problem. For only good can overcome evil.

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