Prophetic dreams are real facts

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Prophetic dreams are real facts
Prophetic dreams are real facts

There is evidence of how people transmit information to each other at a distance, without using any real means of communication.

Broken mirror

At the beginning of the 20th century, a mysterious incident occurred with the wife of a Russian officer.

The lieutenant was sent to the front in Manchuria. Shortly before that, he sent his wife to the estate to his parents. Soon, news from him ceased to come. The parents and wife were very worried. One evening a young woman dozed off. She dreamed that strange pictures began to appear in the huge mirror hanging between the windows in the hall. Here are two people in white camouflage coats slowly crawling between the snow-covered hills. The lady recognized them as her husband and his orderly. Then two Japanese appeared with knives in their teeth. One of them crawled up to the lieutenant and raised a knife over him.

The officer's wife woke up from her own scream. In the first minutes after waking up, she still did not realize that everything she saw was only a dream. Grabbing a massive bronze candlestick from the table, the woman threw it into the mirror. The glass shattered, and she fell unconscious to the floor.

A few weeks later, her husband came home on leave and recounted a mysterious incident that had befallen him and his orderly. They made their way to the rear of the enemy. Suddenly, a woman's scream and the sound of broken glass were heard nearby. Looking around, the lieutenant found that behind in the snow were two dead Japanese …

Strange Visitor

And here is an amazing story told by my friend.

“My husband hired workers to dig a pool at the dacha. And they got down to business so zealously that they dug even at night. The husband did not mind. I didn't want to spend the night at the construction site and went by bus to our city apartment.

Our apartment is the most common - a small walk-through living room, and behind it is a bedroom. I settled down on the sofa in the living room, so as not to make out the large bed in the bedroom for myself.

In the morning I like to sleep a little longer. However, that morning, something woke me up before dawn. Rather, I did not fully wake up, but just lay on the sofa, looking through my eyelashes into the twilight of the room.

Suddenly I heard someone open the door with a key. “Probably, it was my husband who arrived by the first bus,” I thought, but I didn't want to wake up or even move. Through half-closed eyelids, I saw the silhouette of my husband walking quietly across the room. I decided that after a sleepless night he wanted to rest and decided to settle in the bedroom. With this thought, I fell asleep again.

About an hour later, I finally woke up and remembered the arrival of my husband. “Strange,” I thought, “how could he come in if I left the key in the lock? If he came, he would have to ring the doorbell! However, the feeling that he was at home was very real. I felt uneasy. I went into the hallway - the door is locked and the key is in the lock. I looked into the bedroom: there was nobody there …

Coincidence? Can not be

In the evening, my husband returned from the dacha. He said that the workers had dug a hole for the pool in the morning. And I mentioned my strange dream. And that's what it turned out to be.

The workers finished digging early in the morning. They went to the bathhouse, my husband paid off and went to show them where the bus stop is. The workers left for Moscow, and he crossed the highway and sat down at the bus stop from where the bus goes towards our city. He wanted to come home by the first bus, wake me up and take me to the dacha to show me the dug pool. But then I changed my mind, remembering that I don't like waking up early. Without waiting for the bus, he returned to the dacha. However, before that, sitting at the bus stop, he apparently dozed off, as he clearly saw how he got off the bus in the city, climbed the stairs, opened the door with his key and quietly went into the bedroom.

Apparently, it was in those minutes when my friend, half asleep, saw her husband walking into the bedroom, he dozed off at the bus stop and he dreamed that he was in the apartment! This could hardly be a coincidence. And then, both "dreams" were so real!