Why hooligan Brownie

Why hooligan Brownie
Why hooligan Brownie

"Brownie-brownie, play and give it back," I muttered under my breath, turning circles around the apartment. And I remembered this saying for a reason. The brownie got into the habit of carrying my gold jewelry! …"

Letter to the editor about Domovoi

Elena P wrote to us: “On New Year's Eve, my golden earrings disappeared. Rummaged through the whole apartment - to no avail. The first thing that came into my head was the thought that someone had pocketed it. Thinking well, I realized that there was simply no one to do it. Then she began to blame her forgetfulness. I felt like a complete fool when in the evening I found these earrings on the floor by the bed in my bedroom.

After a while, I lost my gold ring with cubic zirconias. Well, how have you lost? When I was about to wash the dishes, I took it off and put it on the shelf. I had it in a couple of hours - he was no longer there. I began to remember if I could have accidentally brushed it off? Or removed it on the machine to another place? I've searched the entire kitchen! And the next day I found my ring behind a flower pot on the windowsill. It was no longer funny …

A case that happened recently finished me off. I lost my earring, but from a different set. Again the search and again the feeling of schizophrenia. I even began to look into places where the decoration could not be in any way! I looked at the flowerpots, and looked into the sconces, and - in despair - even into the toolbox. She began to fumble behind the TV cabinet. And I must say that our curbstone is monolithic with the entire set, and such a trifle as an earring could not get there. However, there I found not only an earring, but also a cross, the loss of which I did not even notice. What is it? My total forgetfulness? Fatigue? Or was someone playing naughty at my house?"

What does the Brownie want to say?

Firstly, brownies often joke with the owners, moving things from place to place so that you look for them for half a day. Sometimes these are really jokes. And if this happens rarely, then you should not worry.

It's another matter when the spirit of the home plays pranks on a regular basis. In this case, he gives the owners some kind of sign, demands to pay attention to him. In this case, the brownie can come in a dream. A person feels like someone of small stature sits on his chest. Some say that the "alien" was furry. In this case, you need to ask: "Khudu or good?" And the spirit will answer.

Most of all, the brownie loves to hide the keys, money left on the table, small jewelry. Moreover, he prefers gold, and avoids silver. He also loves shiny coins - he may not return them at all!

The brownie gives a sign to the very person, whose things he steals. If these are jewelry - there is a reason to think about health, because Jewelry is closely related to human energy. Money is often lost? Pay attention to the financial sector. Are cutlery, towels, slippers lost? The home spirit warns of problems in family relationships. But the fact that one of the spouses is cheating or thinking about it is indicated by the loss of the cheater's underwear. The brownie really does not tolerate betrayal and betrayal, and therefore may even begin to harm one of the spouses.

Lost car keys? This is a sign, especially on the eve of a long trip. Think about it, is it worth going? If you do decide, be on the lookout. Beware of fraudsters on the road, carefully check the serviceability of the car, foresee all possible problems.

Lost apartment keys? A heavy energy has formed in the house, or a person with such low energy vibrations has entered your house, for example, an energy vampire, a slanderer, an envious person. Think about energy cleaning of your home. Protect yourself from negativity with talismans and charms. For example, make such a charm by asking for help from the brownie himself!

Roll a small ball out of the salted dough, and form a small cake out of it.Make a hole in it in advance so that you can hang it, bake it. The night before, take 3 small coins, put a saucer of milk on the table, and coins next to it. Tell:

“Brownie-brownie, bless the defense! Taste the treat, show your favor! So!".

Bow low, leave the kitchen and don't look in there until morning. The brownie will treat himself to it and touch the coins, blessing them.

Glue these coins to your pancake the next day.

From salted dough, thread a red woolen thread through the hole and hang it at the entrance.

How to return things taken by the brownie?

In order for the brownie to return your things to you, he needs to be distracted by something else! For example, take a candy wrapped in a rustling wrapper and place it behind a refrigerator, cabinet or TV. Tell:

"Brownie, treat yourself to (name of the thing), appear!"

You can also use this "red herring". The brownie loves red very much. Take a ball of red thread in your hands and stand in the middle of the apartment. Close your eyes, focus, hold the ball in your hand and say to yourself:

"Show me where the thing is, or put it back!"

Try to feel where you are being pulled - which room. Perhaps you will see a picture of exactly the place where the desired thing is located. Leave the ball on the floor where you stood, and go in search of yourself. After you find the thing, remove the ball.

Brownie got married?

Home spirit partial to engagement rings? He warns: there are problems in family life. Whose ring is lost - it doesn't matter. But more often than not, the brownie steals the female, tk. women are more receptive to being sensitive to subtle energies. In this case, you should listen to your partner more closely. Perhaps, "beacons" have already appeared that something is wrong between you, but you do not notice. Or you don’t want to notice. Better to fix the problem before it gets gigantic.

But if the engagement party has disappeared with ends - to divorce. If the ring disappears from an already divorced or widowed person, on the contrary, it is a good sign. The brownie seems to be hinting: stop living in the past, changes are coming in your personal life!

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