What the world faced while fighting the coronavirus

What the world faced while fighting the coronavirus
What the world faced while fighting the coronavirus

The United States of America has overtaken China in the number of people infected with coronavirus. In New York alone, there are more than 30 thousand cases. The situation is complicated by the high unemployment rate, which jumped against the backdrop of the introduction of quarantine. Other countries are also introducing stringent measures to combat coronavirus. For example, in Argentina, cars are taken away from quarantine violators.

Obviously, the United States was not striving for such superiority over China. But, in fact, now it is the United States that has become the leaders in the number of people infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus. The number of cases exceeded 82 thousand. The American president explained this by the fact that the testing system works well in the United States.

“Thank you very much to all Americans for continuing to keep your social distance. It's hard, but you can all do it. Stay home. Please relax and stay home. The number of detected cases. It's all about large-scale testing, "- said US President Donald Trump.

But this is not Washington's only problem. Already more than 3 million Americans have applied for unemployment benefits, breaking the 1982 record nearly four times. Most of them are those who received hourly wages, including in restaurants and shops that are now closed due to quarantine.

A possible increase in unemployment is also worried in Brazil, where some regions have also introduced quarantine. For those who are left without income, volunteers serve food.

"After the authorities told my girls not to go to work and stay at home, they stopped paying. What are they thinking? I'm terrified. After all, we need to buy food, things, to live on something, but we have no money, no work, "says Rio de Janeiro resident Marie José Alves.

In neighboring Argentina, they are much more concerned about the quarantine. The number of people infected there does not exceed 600 people, but officials, looking at the experience of other countries, understand that in order to contain the pandemic, citizens need to stay at home. About a thousand cars have already been seized from violators of the regime, criminal cases have been opened against 6 thousand people.

In Peru, where 18 thousand people violated quarantine in 10 days, President Martin Viscarra ordered an extension of the emergency regime. Tourists are urgently sent home.

"The planes that are now arriving at the Cusco airport do not bring people. They arrive solely to pick up tourists and take them home," Cesar Chonate, head of the National Civil Defense Service of Peru, comments on the situation.

The coronavirus also reached Venezuela, where the first death due to coronavirus was recorded last night. The victim of the pandemic was a 47-year-old man from the state of Aragua.

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