Coronavirus pandemic may continue for another 2 years

Coronavirus pandemic may continue for another 2 years
Coronavirus pandemic may continue for another 2 years

The head of the Chinese expert group dealing with coronavirus, Zhang Wenhong, made an important statement that the coronavirus pandemic in the world could last from 1 to 2 years and should not be expected to end soon.

Chinese experts attribute the reasons for this negative development of the situation to the fact that in countries of the world, for example in Europe or the United States, the authorities cannot organize mass quarantine as effectively as it was done in China.

According to Zhang Wenhong, the coronavirus pandemic can be defeated only if all countries take extreme radical measures.

And the words of Chinese epidemiologists sound weighty given how their country coped with the coronavirus attack. The situation in China and other countries is eloquently indicated by the statistics of sick, dead and recovered.

But quite recently, Western countries allowed themselves to teach China how it should deal with the spread of the epidemic, but China was able to mobilize all the authorities and all services in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and now those who gave it advice themselves did not able to cope with the epidemic that has come to their land.

The situation in China has stabilized and this country is helping other countries with its knowledge and experience in dealing with the pandemic. After all, the facts say that. that it was the Chinese model of dealing with the outbreak of a deadly epidemic that helped stabilize the situation in the country, while the Western model of medicine, amid the coronavirus crisis in the United States and Europe, is failing.

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