Ancient DRAGONS woke up on Earth, this is the real reason for global self-isolation

Ancient DRAGONS woke up on Earth, this is the real reason for global self-isolation
Ancient DRAGONS woke up on Earth, this is the real reason for global self-isolation

All recent events in the world were extremely illogical, including global self-isolation, and this should have had a very good reason, which required extraordinary and unprecedented actions on the part of the entire world community.

The first hints of the essence of what was happening began to appear three months ago, but the answer hidden behind them was so fantastic that it was very difficult to believe in it, but today everything has changed - there was a video and not one, but from many eyewitnesses and filmed from different heights and angles.

A video in which the DRAGON attacked the building of the local skyscraper with "napalm" Hui Ming, or rather, he demonstrated his capabilities, or the purpose of his attack was something located in the building of the local substation or the substation itself. Yes, you read that right - DRAGON.


Today I posted this news, which was broadcast in all the world's media, only now they explained everything that happened there - by a lightning strike. I immediately drew attention to the discrepancy between what we see in the video with the very concept of "lightning". Everything that happened was like an attack from the air of a liquid that ignites spontaneously when in contact with oxygen, in its damaging properties similar to napalm.

When a lot of videos made by eyewitnesses appeared on the network, I began to carefully watch it and immediately noticed a strange flying object that appeared seconds before the ignition. Moreover, when watching the video from different angles, filmed from different heights, it was obvious that there was no lightning at all, but there was an ignition of a liquid that was dropped by a stream from above at the level of the building's roof.

It remained to find out who and how it was dropped and what kind of flying object it was in the area of the incident. Watching a video made by an eyewitness from a car near the building where everything happened, I saw what I was looking for - a DRAGON.

I confess that even I could not believe what I was seeing and I watched all the videos made by eyewitnesses and realized that the DRAGON really exists. He got on video from different cameras, on video filmed from different directions and from different heights, and it was exactly the dragon.


If you find it funny, you can stop reading and watch the facts that prove my words in the videos that I will post below. This information is for people who want to know what is really going on and what they need to be prepared for. The events in China have shown that you and I have very little time left, and now you must realize and accept the reality of this threat. Threats are not personally to me or to several people, a threat to all of humanity.

It is about the survival of humanity as such. For the simple reason that this is a threat of a nature with which modern mankind has not simply not faced, but for which it is not at all ready, either materially or morally.

Do you think it was easy for me to accept and realize the reality of what is happening now on earth? no, it's not easy, but we must all understand, realize and accept this as a fact in order to be ready to fight for survival.

Yesterday, August 3, 2020, everything changed and the world will never be the same again.

Here is a video taken by an eyewitness from the car, here everything that happened can be seen most clearly and from a good angle.

The dragon appears on the right, flaps its wings, gains height a little, makes another flap of its wings and presses them to the body, sharply gaining height and flies from the back of the building at roof level. When it reaches the middle of the building, it releases "napalm", and flies forward - the liquid that it has thrown out ignites in about 3 seconds, and the dragon dives down behind the building, makes a flip in the air and climbs sharply.

In this video, there is no doubt about it - DRAGON. The liquid it spits out is likely to ignite spontaneously on contact with oxygen. 3 seconds and a fiery hell begins. Eyewitnesses have published enough videos, where it is 100% clear that there can be no talk of any lightning, this is the spontaneous ignition of a substance similar to napalm.

The consequences of exposure to this liquid are more than impressive. In addition to the burned-out electrical substation, the cars that got under the "napalm" completely burned down, and not only burned out, but the metal of the bodies, pillars, hoods and roofs melted and "flowed", which speaks of albeit a short burning, but an incredibly high flame temperature.

And, after all, the first clues appeared a long time ago. For example, on June 4, thousands of residents gathered in the Chinese province of Guizhou to find a mysterious creature that makes eerie sounds similar to the roar of a dragon. Locals gathered at the top of a mountain in Xushui in China's southwestern province of Guizhou to hear loud, frightening sounds similar to the roar of a dragon.


Local officials even had to set up roadblocks to stop the crowds and sent a team of experts to investigate the source of the strange sound.

The people were dispersed, justifying their actions by the fact that they violate the self-isolation regime and gather in large crowds, violating the quarantine. And, the sounds of power were explained simply - the Yellow-legged buttonquail is screaming.


And they were not bothered at all by the fact that the locals had never heard anything like this in their lives, but they should have, since it's just a local bird screaming. By the way, she screams in a completely different way, but did anyone care. The party said - a bird, then so be it.

This is how the Yellow-legged buttonquail screams, completely differently, and in addition, its pis can be heard no more than 20 meters away. In your opinion, her squeak is similar to that ROAR, from which the mountains seem to even vibrate - no, it is not.

China and dragons in the mythology of this country are very closely related and maybe this is not at all just like that. The territory of China is vast and mountainous areas are practically deserted, unexplored territory. Moreover, dragons are mentioned in legends, myths and legends around the world and among completely different peoples.

Scientists considered all this to be fairy tales, but could everything be completely different? Maybe they really existed, but at some point the living conditions on the planet reduced their population, perhaps this happened as a result of some kind of cataclysm - global cooling, a meteorite fall, the greenhouse effect, it doesn't matter if something happened and they disappeared into caves falling into suspended animation.

Dragons are reptiles, and this species is known for its ability to practically stop their vital activity under adverse conditions, not to mention the fact that they can completely freeze and return to life under favorable conditions. For example, crocodiles freeze into the ice, and then when it gets warmer, they come to life. And who knows what these ancient and completely unknown creatures - dragons - are capable of?

By the way, not so long ago, on one of the videos posted by scientists, which showed the destruction of a glacier in Antarctica - a huge layer of ice that descended into the ocean, there was one interesting detail. At some point after the ice wall collapses, a dark-colored object is visible, appearing for a second from under the water and clearly not having the shape of ice, but rather something unusual, something with a head and an eye on it. Yes, this video is controversial, but in view of all that is happening, it can be assumed that dragons could lie in suspended animation in the ice of Antarctica and in other large glaciers around the world, until global warming began.

The changes that have taken place - climatic, atmospheric and even cosmic, could awaken these ancient giants to life. Global warming, changes in the atmosphere, changes in oxygen levels, the solar minimum and, as a consequence, the maximum levels of cosmic radiation (radiation, as well as high-energy particles), which have been recorded for more than a year, and the last three months have been at an almost historical record maximum.


Are dragons fantastic? But what happened in China suggests otherwise, they are a new reality. And just think - the emergence, awakening of a new kind of predators, and not just predators, but huge predators, flying, possessing weapons of destructive power, can't this explain the introduction of this strange quarantine, self-isolation, incredible cohesion in common decisions of all countries of the world, ready to go to destroy your own economy and restrict civil liberties?

If there is a new predator capable of changing the existing order where "Man is the king of beasts", then the natural logical response to this threat will be the imposition of restrictions on movement, on visiting wild places, reserves, mountains and paradise beaches. Why draw the attention of a new super-predator to potential and, most importantly, completely defenseless victims?

By concentrating the population within the city limits, it is possible to organize the protection of the perimeter of these "fortresses", concentrating the armed forces there to counter the new threat. Perhaps with the use of some deterrent technologies or the cities themselves oversaturated with cell towers, entangled in power grids and substations, emit such a background (electromagnetic, noise or other kind), which becomes a natural "repeller" for dragons.

Maybe this is what explains yesterday's attack by the dragon on the electrical substation, which somehow interfered, scared away, knocked down this predator, or there was not a substation at all, but something else that interferes with him (them). This is just a hypothesis, but this attack marks a completely new round of confrontation.

It is quite possible that during the general quarantine, the armed forces of the countries of the world were already searching for and destroying the awakened ancient threat, and now a new stage begins, when dragons are already counter-attacking a competing predator. There is not enough space for a planet and two predators here.


What dragons are and how dangerous they are, one can only guess. At this stage, the first conclusions can be drawn based on the event in China.

- they are large, more than 10 meters, - they fly, they have excellent aerodynamics, - they have glands that produce a liquid substance when thrown out of which, possibly an additional gland, an activator reagent is added to this liquid at the outlet, which makes this liquid flammable when it comes into contact with oxygen 3 seconds after the "volley". This liquid is, in terms of its destructiveness, comparable to napalm, - probably their skin (scales) has properties comparable to the "stealth" technology (invisibility for aircraft radars, this property can explain how this or these creatures managed to enter the airspace above a large city without being noticed by the military or civilians) radars, as a result of which the combat aircraft did not rise to intercept, possibly due to low thunderstorm clouds, under the cover of which the attack was made.

Now everything will depend on how successfully the armed forces of human civilization will be able to resist this new enemy. With all the abundance of weapons, they are all extremely vulnerable due to their manufacturability. If we assume that dragons have the ability to emit a limited electromagnetic pulse, have the ability to be invisible to radars, then a perfect weapon will not be more effective than an ordinary club.

If this is the beginning of a new round of confrontation between people and dragons, then new cases of "lightning" or strange fires from "lightning", or explosions of warehouses or factories, factories and entire buildings, large fires in cities due to "lightning" should follow. We will monitor this and report all such cases.