How does vitamin D affect the risk of death in coronavirus?

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How does vitamin D affect the risk of death in coronavirus?
How does vitamin D affect the risk of death in coronavirus?

Since the topic of coronavirus is relevant and interesting to many, we will continue to talk about the fight against the virus, but from the point of view of science. Every day on TV you can hear politicians speaking about the fact that someone will be responsible for all the consequences of this terrible pandemic. Shifting blame and looking for someone to blame is important, but as Martin Luther King said: "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Therefore, in order to reduce the number of "silent" friends to a minimum, let's listen to the opinion of scientists and extras.

Coronavirus mortality calculator

Let's start with some pretty interesting statistics in a very useful shell. A group of Polish scientists from the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park has developed and published an unusual calculator for free access. The principle of its operation is extremely simple: by bringing together your age, gender and indicating whether you have one of four chronic diseases, namely: hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular problems, the system will give you a result that will show you the likelihood of death. from COVID-19.

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What affects mortality from coronavirus?

According to the main developer of this calculator, Petr Bandosh:

The risk of death from COVID is very clearly dependent on lifestyle and related illnesses, including obesity, diabetes, hypertension and their complications. Mortality among people without any chronic disease is less than 1% of COVID-19 deaths.

It doesn't seem like a discovery, but you need to understand that a runny nose can also be chronic.

So the calculator of Polish scientists is a useful thing. It allows, using the data of previous statistics, to signal to you that you are in danger and, perhaps, it is time to take a test or limit activity outside the home to the maximum minimum. This is especially true for those who are afraid to do any tests because of the "danger" of being hospitalized. Forewarned is forearmed.

Why is gender important in statistics? This question is well answered by the head of the Russian Ministry of Health and Candidate of Medical Sciences Mikhail Murashko:

Coronavirus infection is harder for men than for women. This may be due to damage to the alveoli in the lungs, which the male body can handle worse than the female.

Something similar was stated by the Spanish neuroscientist Diego Redolar, but in his opinion, the reason for this may lie in the fact that men smoke more often.

Vitamin D and coronavirus

A study by American scientists from Northwestern University in Illinois and British scientists from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation and the University of East Anglia focused on vitamin D. A competent approach to vitamin D control will halve the number of deaths among those infected with coronavirus, scientists say.

Vitamin D has many benefits

At the same time, an important clarification of doctors is that vitamin D will not protect against infection, it will only reduce mortality if a coronavirus is detected in a patient, which is an important aspect in a pandemic. Statistics were compiled on the basis of patients in Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Regardless of age, the number of people infected with low vitamin D levels is significant, which gives reason to hypothesize.

Vitamin D benefits

Vitamin D is a group of biologically active substances that are formed under the action of ultraviolet rays in the skin and enter the human body with food.

The action of vitamin D promotes normal bone growth and development, helps the body rebuild its protective membranes, and inhibits the growth of cancer cells and cells.Vitamin D strengthens and controls the immune system, preventing hypercytokinemia.

Hypercytokinemia (cytokine storm, cytokine cascade) is a potentially lethal reaction of the immune system, the essence of which is an uncontrolled and non-protective function of activation of immune cells by cytokines in the focus of inflammation.

This discovery explains the low mortality rate among children. They do not yet have acquired immunity as such, or rather not particularly developed, in contrast to adults, for whom the failure of the "cytokine storm" blocks the work of innate immunity and leads to death. If you have read up to this point and decided to gorge yourself on vitamin D, then scientists warn: everything is fine in moderation, an overdose of vitamins will do more harm than good.

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