Coronavirus causes impotence and male infertility?

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Coronavirus causes impotence and male infertility?
Coronavirus causes impotence and male infertility?

In February, a group of Chinese doctors published a suggestion that a new type of coronavirus could cause complete erectile dysfunction. The information spread rapidly on social networks. Contributors to Sasapost should seek guidance from a sexual and reproductive health professional.

Erectile dysfunction tops the list of top male fears. Certain foods, medications and physical activity can have a stimulating effect on the male reproductive system, thereby helping the stronger sex to avoid impotence and infertility. However, what if the cause of impotence is a virus that the person is unable to control or keep at a distance?

In recent days, information has appeared on social networks that coronavirus infection can cause erectile dysfunction in men. It is possible that after a full recovery, problems with reproductive health will not go anywhere.

In the Arab world, news portals have gone further, suggesting that the coronavirus is causing complete erectile dysfunction in men. Such statements made people doubt the veracity of this information. Is it supported by a solid evidence base, or is it just an assumption that medicine has not yet officially confirmed?

Below are the comments of the sexual and reproductive health specialist andrologist Umar Ayman, in which he medically explains the causes of erectile dysfunction and answers the main question: does the coronavirus lead to the development of infertility in men?

Medicine has not yet officially confirmed

After rumors spread on social media that the coronavirus was causing complete erectile dysfunction in men, Sasapost contacted Dr. Umar Ayman. A sexual and reproductive health specialist told the Egyptian newspaper that there is no official confirmation of this, but, nevertheless, this possibility cannot be completely ruled out. According to Dr. Ayman, it is necessary for now to consider such rumors only as a hypothesis, because the new type of coronavirus primarily affects the respiratory system, but the effect of the virus on the female or male reproductive system has not yet been proven.

According to Dr. Umar Ayman, numerous rumors about the coronavirus are spreading due to the fact that doctors did not have the opportunity to thoroughly study the new type of virus and find out how it affects the human body, and which organs are affected in the first place. Thus, medical professionals hastily concluded that coronavirus infection has a negative impact on the male reproductive system, causing erectile dysfunction. Where did these rumors come from? Below we will tell you more about this.

“Coronavirus and impotence. The results of the study are yet to be assessed "

On February 13, 2020, a group of Chinese doctors published the study "Coronavirus Can Cause Testicular Damage and Male Infertility", warning that the research paper was published without peer review and does not have official confirmation from any medical research organization.

Thus, the research work of Chinese doctors demonstrates only preliminary results of research concerning the new type of coronavirus, which have not previously been published in any scientific journal. First of all, it must be presented to doctors who conduct research on the effect of coronavirus on the human body, and then sent to scientific research journals, where information about confirmed medical discoveries is published.

And since medical research is time-consuming, the site on which the Chinese research paper was published provided doctors with an opportunity to share hypotheses and preliminary results. This allowed them to follow the latest news, discuss and comment on information coming from colleagues in other countries.

However, non-medical readers should be aware that research papers published on a medical site may contain errors or inaccurate information that has not yet been validated by the medical community. The site administration urges the media not to present excerpts from research papers as indisputable facts, because this resource is primarily intended for medical workers to discuss coronavirus infection and its effect on the human body.

What did the study talk about?

When the outbreak of coronavirus infection began to pose a threat to the health of Chinese citizens in Wuhan, local doctors said that the new virus primarily affects the respiratory system. However, some studies have shown that patients infected with the coronavirus suffer from kidney dysfunction, kidney failure, and respiratory infections. In light of the onset of various symptoms, Chinese doctors published a scandalous research paper: "Coronavirus can cause testicular damage and male infertility."

Doctors suggested that since in some cases the coronavirus infects the kidneys, it is likely that the virus may have a negative effect on the functioning of the urinary and reproductive systems of men. In a research work, Chinese doctors analyzed data on those infected with coronavirus, which are publicly available on the network. They then correlated the findings with information on patients with kidney and respiratory diseases. As a result, Chinese doctors discovered that some of the patients suffered from erectile dysfunction and infertility.

According to the authors of the study, erectile dysfunction is directly related to kidney disease. And since the coronavirus infection affects the urinary system, it is likely to negatively affect the reproductive health of men, since the virus causes damage to the testicular tissue, which leads to infertility. The study authors urge doctors to closely monitor kidney health in patients with coronavirus infection, because kidney dysfunction ultimately leads to male impotence and infertility.

As Dr. Umar Ayman explains, a man suffering from kidney failure or kidney disease can catch a coronavirus infection, which will negatively affect sperm cells, which in turn will lead to infertility. It is worth noting that if the patient's condition worsens, then impotence will be the least of his problems.

Summing up all of the above, Dr. Umar Ayman advises all readers not to believe the untouched rumors about the coronavirus, emphasizing that the new type of coronavirus infection has not yet been sufficiently studied. Today, healthcare professionals have focused on measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, insisting that at the moment it is necessary to avoid contact with the elderly as much as possible, because they are more susceptible to infection and do not have sufficient immunity to fight the virus. As for erectile dysfunction and infertility due to coronavirus, there is nothing to worry about yet, since medicine has not officially confirmed this fact.

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