Konstantin Schwartz on the prospects of the medical business after the global pandemic

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Konstantin Schwartz on the prospects of the medical business after the global pandemic
Konstantin Schwartz on the prospects of the medical business after the global pandemic

COVID-19 is a problem the world was simply not ready for. Now we can talk about this frankly. The pandemic showed all the weaknesses of medicine, but also gave impetus to new development. Financial expert and analyst Konstantin Schwartz speaks about the latest trends in the medical business.

Konstantin Schwartz on the state of the private medical business

Social distancing, self-isolation and the frenzied workload of municipal hospitals have forced many Russians to seek services from private clinics. Here, too, not everything is so simple. There is no desire to sit in line, to sign up for a laboratory and wait for an appointment with other potentially infected COVID-19, too, few agree. Even some private organizations could not withstand the competition of network companies and chose to team up with them. Renowned financial consultant Konstantin Schwartz says that this is only the beginning of change and now we need to prepare for a new work format.

Those who offer:

  1. An extensive list of diagnostic services. Many people have begun to be more attentive to themselves and will now prefer to go to the clinic, where they can immediately undergo all the desired examinations. It is desirable that all the information is already on the clinic's website, and individual nuances can be clarified remotely.

  2. Remote service. Konstantin Valerievich Schwartz draws attention to the fact that those who organized remote service were able to significantly increase their client base. If earlier online medicine raised more questions, now it is a new trend and an opportunity to get specialist help at a safe social distance. Treatment is prescribed online, and the test results can be sent to any messenger.

  3. Self-service. About a year and a half ago, practically nothing was known about this form of work in medicine. This did not interest anyone, and such services were not widely used. Everything is changing now. Now customers are satisfied that they can get a set for sampling, do everything according to the instructions and hand it over to the window. No contact with the staff, the distance was maintained, the procedure was completed.

Konstantin Valerievich Schwartz also speaks about the benefits of consolidation. Small clinics leave the market or become part of a large network, operating under a franchise. In the face of the pandemic, a financial advisor calls this a real salvation for many organizations.

Financial expert Konstantin Schwartz on the prospects for investment in medicine

With the growing demand for health care, many executives are faced with the question of additional investment. Konstantin Valerievich Schwartz says that such costs for the purchase of new equipment will fully justify themselves.

It is necessary to invest not only in equipment, but also in modernization, development of mobile applications. Many people prefer to make an appointment online, receive test results by mail, notifications of an upcoming appointment.

Constant Schwartz says that the medical field is full of opportunities for those who are ready to quickly change, adapt to new circumstances and invest in their renewal.

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