Snow fell in the northeast of Chukotka on July 1

Snow fell in the northeast of Chukotka on July 1
Snow fell in the northeast of Chukotka on July 1

On July 1, five regions of Chukotka, located along the coast of the seas, fell under the influence of several cyclones at once. Municipalities, including Anadyr, are experiencing strong winds and rain, and it snowed today in the village of Vankarem in the city district of Egvekinot.

Wind gusts up to 18-23 meters per second on the coast of the Bering Sea were brought by the Bering Sea cyclone. Another - an Arctic cyclone - came to the district from the Arctic Ocean. The Chukotka region, the Egvekinot urban district, the Providensky urban district, the Anadyr urban district and the Anadyr district were affected by the bad weather.

“The cold center migrated to the eastern coast of Chukotka with powerful northern streams. It brought freezing temperatures, especially to the arctic coast and highlands. The cyclone will last for two days,”she commented. IA "Chukotka" forecaster of the Chukotka Department of the Hydrometeorological Service Sofia Davydova.

According to the forecast, rain is expected in some places on the coast. Snow fell in the village of Vankarem on the night of July 1, and it continues to this day. In addition to Vankarem, precipitation in the form of snow is possible in the next two days at Cape Schmidt.

And, here, on the territory of the Pevek urban district and the Bilibino region, there is an arctic anticyclone, the weather there is slightly cloudy.

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the district department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations recommends that the residents of the district do not leave their children unattended, in case of strong winds, keep away from dilapidated structures and do not leave the settlements.

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