Snow will come to Russia with summer

Snow will come to Russia with summer
Snow will come to Russia with summer

Between May and June - a bit of March. A powerful cooling begins in the European part of Russia. It is snowing again in the region.

Yes, there are five days of summer left, it is snowing in Severodvinsk. The north-west of the country became the first region of Russia to fall under the skating rink of the next cold front. The worst of all the weather deteriorated in the Arkhangelsk region: precipitation was noted in the solid phase, and on the thermometers it was only + 10..15. Also, on the eve of the morning, some areas of Karelia were covered with snow. As for St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad, the landscapes here generally remained May. But it was not without showers with gusty winds.

Today the bad weather zone will increase in size: the frontal section will break through further inland.

Only the Volga region and the south of Russia will remain outside the precipitation zone. The strongest - about a quarter of the monthly norm - will fall in the north and extreme south-west of the Central region. And in Karelia, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions, the rains can turn into snow again.


The reason for the worsening weather is a whole system of cyclones, which, like a conveyor belt, pulls air masses from the water area of ​​the Barents Sea to the Russian Plain. And this process has just begun. Cooling will spread throughout the region until the end of May. And if today the northern part of European Russia is in the zone of the Arctic invasion, then by the weekend it will cover everything up to the middle latitudes, and then even break through the Black Sea region.

The cold snap will peak on Sunday-Monday. Up to the Upper Volga in the morning hours, the temperature will drop below zero. And this is a serious anomaly, usually frosts here end in the first half of May. And the heat will return only with the beginning of the calendar summer.

In Arkhangelsk, it will rain today and tomorrow, sometimes with snow, and the temperature will drop. By Saturday afternoon, only +7, which is twice as cold as usual. from Sunday bad weather will calm down. And by the first of June in the capital of Pomorie - already +18.

Arctic air will reach Moscow later. And today or tomorrow in the metropolis, despite the showers and thunderstorms: + 20 … + 22. And the main cold snap will happen on Sunday-Monday: + 16 … + 17, 4 degrees below normal, and precipitation will continue. The weather will improve from Tuesday: +20 again.

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