How to choose a microwave oven

How to choose a microwave oven
How to choose a microwave oven

The microwave oven is now a must-have in any kitchen. She not only helps to warm up ready-made meals, but also to cook them, defrost food. Modern models have a very wide functionality, are economical in the use of electricity and are completely safe for health. When choosing the right microwave oven for home use, it is worth listening to the following helpful recommendations from experts.

Freestanding or built-in model

It is with the answer to this question that you should begin the selection of a suitable microwave. The former are most in demand due to their versatility and ease of installation. The most popular models can be found in the convenient electronic catalog of the Uima online store. They can be placed on a tabletop, a wide window sill, a shelf, in a specially prepared niche, fixed on the wall or under a wall cabinet using special fasteners. Built-in models are selected at the stage of ordering a kitchen set. It is very important to choose the correct dimensions so that they can be installed and used.

Working chamber size and dimensions

Here you need to build on the number of heated dishes and free space in the kitchen:

• A small microwave oven for 17-20 liters is sufficient for 1-2 people.

• A small family will need a 20-23 liter model.

• Three to four people need microwave ovens from 25 to 28 liters for comfortable use.

There are also more voluminous devices on sale, but buying them for home use is not justified due to their large dimensions and high prices. You should also not forget about the rules for installing such devices and the minimum required distance from the wall, heating devices and other equipment.

Optimum power

This parameter is always selected in accordance with the dimensions of the device. A universal option is a power of 1000 W, since it is freely enough for quickly heating food and defrosting food, as well as preparing individual dishes. For home, it is better not to take low-power 500 W models and heavy-duty devices from 1500 W.

Inner lining of the chamber

The most common option is an enamel finish. It is completely safe for health, easy to clean, good resistance to mechanical damage and affordable price. Ceramics and bioceramics are mainly used in more expensive models. This coating is highly resistant to soot and does not scratch. The stainless steel coating is the most durable and practical, but it also costs more. It can withstand any temperature, but grease stains are difficult to wipe off.

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