Frosts recede: powerful warming is approaching Russia

Frosts recede: powerful warming is approaching Russia
Frosts recede: powerful warming is approaching Russia

Winter is receding, the European part of the country will be covered by powerful warming from day to day. When will the temperature go to plus? And in which regions is it worth waiting for freezing rains?

Already today, the European part of the country will be covered by a warm front from the Atlantic. Here it is - a real Russian winter: the footage was filmed in Sochi on Tuesday. On the eve, the temperature in the city for the first time since the beginning of winter dropped below zero, the city was covered with snow. Judging by the video, local motorists were not ready for this. They seem to have forgotten it ever happens.

On the eve of a blizzard the day before, almost all of southern Russia was covered. In Krasnodar, snowdrifts with a height of 28 centimeters have piled up - this is a new daily record. In Crimea - in Feodosia - the snow cover has grown to 10 centimeters, which is just ten times more than the January norm. The inhabitants of Taurida did not perceive the blizzard as a natural disaster: some went to the mountains to ride cheesecakes, others decided to open the swimming season on this occasion …

The snowfalls were associated with a cold front that plunged European Russia into the Siberian cold. This wave spread far beyond the borders of our country - on Tuesday, many areas of the Old World also fell asleep. As a result, the snow cover formed over a vast territory: from the Pyrenees to the east of Germany, from the south of Italy to the Balkans and Turkey. And this is an abnormal situation: winter managed to advance almost 1000 kilometers west of usual.

But today the situation will begin to change, and the weather pendulum will swing in the other direction. The fact is that an active cyclone has formed over the Atlantic, which was even given a name - "Christophe". The main core of the vortex is now just approaching the British Isles, but the warm front has already made its way deep into the continent. Today, the westernmost region of Russia, Kaliningrad, will be under his influence.

And this is how the weather will change in the city. It is still cold in the morning, but by noon the thermometers will rise to zero, and by the evening they will completely go into plus. At the same time, in the first half of the day there is a danger of the formation of freezing rains.

The rest of the country will be covered by bad weather a day later. On Thursday, the western and north-western regions will be under the influence of the front. The bulk of the warm air will still be outside of Russia, so snow will fall almost everywhere, but in the west of Leningrad, in Bryansk, Smolensk and Pskov regions, freezing precipitation is also possible.

Subsequently, the Atlantic wave will reach Moscow. Today in the capital it is about minus 10, and the weather will start to deteriorate from Thursday: the snow will gradually turn into rains - at night and in the morning on Friday it is icy. Thermometer columns at the end of the week will reach + 1 … + 2, which is about 8 degrees higher than the normal January values.

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