How can holograms change our daily life?

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How can holograms change our daily life?
How can holograms change our daily life?

You probably remember the realistic holograms from sci-fi movies. For a very long time, holograms have been very popular in cinematography, such as in Star Wars, where holography was used as a form of easy communication. Despite the fact that a little over 40 years have passed since the creation of the film, holograms in films still look impressive and futuristic. But, obviously, along with the development of modern technologies, holography will soon become a familiar way of telecommunications. Is it possible to apply a new method of telecommunications in real life? Let's try to figure it out together in this article.

Optical holography is based on wave interference in which a light field is recorded

Holograms in the modern world

In the modern world, optical holography is already used in medicine, creating 3D visualization of organs. So, at the present time there are already many projects that are based on optical holography in 3D. In addition, scientists from the UK are already actively developing holograms that can not only be viewed from all sides, but also can be touched and look completely three-dimensional.

According to the portal, the technology for creating holograms is based on the use of a polystyrene bead two millimeters wide, which is capable of levitating by using a variety of ultrasonic transducers that generate sound waves. Such ultrasonic transducers are capable of lifting a polystyrene ball at a speed of up to 30 km per hour. At this speed, the ball can outline a shape up to ten centimeters wide in less than a tenth of a second.

The human brain is unable to catch the movement of a ball moving at a very high speed

An unusual approach for creating such an illusion was chosen because the movement of a hyperactive ball cannot initially imply a connection with a hologram. But thanks to this speed, scientists still managed to create many holographic forms. Since the roller creates a completely three-dimensional shape, a person is able to view the hologram from all sides and at any angle, which, at the same time, do not lose their detailed outlines and shapes.

Despite this innovative approach to creating a new technology, scientists have also thought about the soundtrack of the image. Possessing the ability to generate sound waves that are easily perceived by the human ear, allowing you to communicate directly with the hologram.

The hologram of the future can even be touched and felt

Having provided the opportunity to see and hear a hologram, a person will be able to touch it and feel the touch to it. Despite the claims of scientists that touching the hologram will not represent the exact textured sensations, the hologram will be able to tell you what it is. For example, you can definitely distinguish a living hologram of a butterfly from an inanimate one.

At this stage of technology development, this method of creating and visualizing holography is not fully developed for creating various holographic conferences and using them in everyday life. But this method is undoubtedly a breakthrough in the multimedia field in creating the most advanced and innovative models in the world of holographic technology.It is known that the technology of holograms has already debuted at the League of Legends World Championship earlier this year, having managed to conquer viewers with its entertainment. Perhaps the future is already near us?

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