Tectonic fault in Azerbaijan

Tectonic fault in Azerbaijan
Tectonic fault in Azerbaijan

On the territory of Azerbaijan, there is a strong fracture of the tectonic plate with a direction from the southern part of the republic to the north.

According to 1news.az with reference to ANS Press, according to the chief engineer of the National Geological Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Shaig Niftiyev, the tectonic fault passes through the Lankaran, Salyan, Shirvan regions and continues in the northeastern direction. Despite the fact that on the surface of the earth the crack seems not so wide, in reality its width reaches two meters.

Note that currently the tectonic fault is most actively observed on the territory of the Salyan region. Cracks here were registered on the Shirvan-Salyan highway and in several houses in the Abad village.

The specialists of MENR and ANAS have already carried out monitoring in the Salyan-Shirvan territory. According to experts, the cause of the fault lies in tectonic activation in the West Caspian zone. According to observations, serious tectonic processes are currently taking place in this zone. Earthquakes of magnitude 2, 3-2, 8 that occurred between February 14-28, the activation of mud volcanoes and landslides serve as the basis for such a conclusion. However, stabilization is currently observed in the tectonic fault.

Monitoring is planned for next week in other areas of the fault.

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