The mystery of two giant sinkholes in the Atlantic Ocean

The mystery of two giant sinkholes in the Atlantic Ocean
The mystery of two giant sinkholes in the Atlantic Ocean

Near the shores of Guyana and Suriname, two whirlpools with a diameter of 400 km were found, according to a correspondent on the website of the newspaper La Stampa.

“In the Atlantic Ocean opposite the shores of the Amazon, two giant craters with a diameter of about 400 km have been found. We are talking about two colossal whirlpools - until now such were not known on Earth. There are suggestions that they have a strong impact on global climate change in recent years,”the newspaper writes.

“The craters, found 200 km off the coast of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, appear to be the result of the interaction of a current from the north along the coast of Northern Brazil, the South Equatorial Current from the south, and the huge estuary of the Amazon. "The funnels rotate clockwise," says Brazilian Guilherme Castelao, who is studying the two huge mills with American Bill Jones of the University of Miami. "They move in the ocean like giant frisbees, two discs thrown into the air. Rotation occurs at a speed of 1 meter per second, the speed is quite large compared to the speed of ocean currents, there is a step-wave 40 cm high at the border of the funnels."

“Scientists have found that even in the months when the movement of the ocean currents and the flow of the Amazon practically stops, the huge funnels do not disappear. "This suggests that there is some other, independent type of mechanism that forms them," says a study published by the American Geophysical Union. And this natural mechanism remains a mystery, "- writes the correspondent.

“The influence of these two giant eddies on the climate of all Latin America and Africa is currently being studied. These sinkholes can also affect navigation between the North and South Atlantic. “If the ships knew about the craters,” says Jones, “they could save fuel by using this very strong flow,” the correspondent notes.

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