Spring frosts in France destroyed crops

Spring frosts in France destroyed crops
Spring frosts in France destroyed crops

French Agriculture and Food Minister Julien Denormandy on Saturday announced the problems that farmers have faced due to several spring frosts this year. The minister described the situation as "the worst of all 21st century disasters."

According to the minister, hundreds of thousands of hectares of land were affected by the bad weather. Crops have been destroyed, Julien Denormandy said, and various crops have been hit hard.

The government is preparing urgent measures to help agricultural producers. In "agricultural disaster zones", farmers will be compensated from a special fund.

As the minister said, French winegrowers suffered the most. Frost damage caused damage to 90 percent of vineyards. The situation is relatively favorable only in two regions - Alsace and Charenteau.

Denormandy noted that the owners of fruit plantations will receive compensation only this year, but the funds will be paid to vineyards in 2022, as they will have to restore the vineyards.

The government is looking for ways to solve the accompanying problems: due to lack of harvest, there will be unemployment both in the agricultural sector itself and in processing.

Frosts in several waves have passed through France since April 6, writes TASS. The cold air destroyed the buds on trees and vines, as temperatures dropped to minus 6 degrees at night.

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