Flood hits Islamabad after heavy downpour

Flood hits Islamabad after heavy downpour
Flood hits Islamabad after heavy downpour

At least two people were killed Wednesday when a flash flood caused devastation in Islamabad.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Hamza Shafkaat said: "As a result of heavy rain in Islamabad, flooding has occurred in various areas. Teams are clearing roads. Hopefully we can clear everything within an hour."

Videos from sectors E-11 and D-12 of Islamabad show cars floating in streams of water after heavy rains that rained down on the federal capital and Rawalpindi for several hours.

Sources in the Pakistan Meteorological Department said some parts of Islamabad have received up to 330 mm of rain over the past few hours.

Pakistani army troops were deployed to Rawalpindi after local authorities called on the military for help following incessant rains that caused severe flooding in Nulla Lai.

"Heavy rains caused high water levels in Nulla Lai and water accumulation in the E 11 area," the Inter-Agency Public Relations Service said in a statement.

It says the army units are busy assisting the civil administration with rescue and relief efforts.

"Flood contingency plans developed."

Earlier, a spokesman for the National Emergency Management and Management Agency said that after heavy rains in Rawalpindi and the danger of possible flooding in Nulla Lai, the local administration and emergency services have been warned to respond to any emergencies.

At least two people, including a minor, were killed when water seeped into houses in the E-11 sector in Islamabad. According to the affected family, the children and their mother drowned when a nearby drainage channel overflowed and water entered their home. According to them, the administration saved three children, and one child and mother were killed. The uncle of the deceased child said that water entered their house at about 6 o'clock in the morning, causing the wall in the backyard to collapse.

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