Bangladesh evacuates 10,000 people after deadly landslides

Bangladesh evacuates 10,000 people after deadly landslides
Bangladesh evacuates 10,000 people after deadly landslides

People from refugee camps, as well as local residents, moved to safer areas of Cox's Bazar after 14 people died in landslides and flash floods.

Bangladesh has evacuated 10,000 Rohingya from refugee camps located in the Cox's Bazar area near the border with Myanmar after at least 14 people were killed by landslides and flash floods caused by the monsoon, officials said Wednesday.

After three days of torrential rains, refugees, most of whom fled the military repression in Myanmar in 2017, were displaced from the hilly slopes around the Baluhali camp in Cox's Bazar, Refugee Commissioner Shah Rezwan Hayat said.

Tens of thousands of Rohingya who had no place in their camps have cleared forests in the surrounding hills and created shelters that have been hit by landslides every monsoon season since then.

“We relocated about 10,000 Rohingya to safety after their shelters were hit by heavy rains and landslides,” Hayat said.

At least six Rohingya were killed and several others were injured, officials said. The rest of the victims are local residents, whose houses were buried.

In the Coxs Bazar area, where more than 850,000 Rohingya refugees are housed in 34 camps, more than 27 cm (10 inches) of rain has fallen since Monday, according to weather services.

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department said "heavy and very heavy rains" are expected in cities such as the capital Dhaka, Khulna and Barishal - with landslides likely in the Chittagong area.

About 7,000 local residents outside the camps were also transferred to safety, officials said.

The UN Refugee Agency said in a statement that 2,500 shelters were damaged or destroyed, and about 12,000 Rohingya were affected by floods.

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