Mysterious ancient mass grave discovered in the south-west of Karelia

Mysterious ancient mass grave discovered in the south-west of Karelia
Mysterious ancient mass grave discovered in the south-west of Karelia

A mysterious mass grave was discovered in the south-west of Karelia. Experts have established that it has nothing to do with the Great Patriotic War - the remains are much older. But the circumstances of the death of the buried are covered with a veil of secrecy.

A terrible find near the village of Tiurula has already been dubbed the main historical secret of Karelia. When carrying out landscaping in the ground at a depth of only about 30 centimeters, the builders discovered human skulls. The work was immediately stopped, and the owner of the site contacted the local search teams.

In these places during the war years there were hostilities, and sanitary burials of those years are not uncommon here. But what the search engines have found this time is not at all similar to their usual finds.

First, the scale of the burial is striking. According to the calculations of the participants in the excavations, the remains of at least 220 people were raised. Secondly, not a single cartridge case or bullet was found at the excavation site. But there are enough other terrible and so far obscure details.

"The boards, in my opinion, it seems that they were nailed to the bodies or the bodies were nailed somewhere, to a fence or something else. And unfortunately, there are holes like this in the turtles. From square nails," explains the head Museum of Military Glory in Sortavala Sergey Chernobay.

And most importantly, there are many children's remains among the found remains. The photographs clearly show half-palm-sized skulls and tiny bones. Now the remains are in Petrozavodsk. The investigation is being carried out by law enforcement agencies. A forensic medical examination is underway.

"In accordance with the expert opinion, the time of death corresponds to more than 100 years ago. To obtain historical information on the possible causes of the mass burial, as part of the pre-investigation check, the department's investigators will engage historians and archaeologists to interact," says Inna Taratunina, a spokesman for the Investigative Committee.

One of the versions connects the found remains with the Russian-Swedish wars of the 18th - 19th centuries. The village of Tiurula is located on the shores of the gulf of Lake Ladoga, from where the Swedes attacked Russian settlements. And the age of the village has exceeded five hundred years.

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