Pimple on the tongue

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Pimple on the tongue
Pimple on the tongue

Soreness, itching, bleeding can accompany a pathology such as a pimple on the tongue. What to do and how to get rid of the problem? Experts note that the cause of rashes can be a variety of factors - dental, systemic. Next, we will tell you why pimples appear and how they are treated.


What is this pathology

There can be no real acne (acne) on the tongue, since there are no hair follicles on it. But with the usual word, people call various blisters, sores, aphthae, vesicles, or even enlarged taste buds on the tongue. Outwardly, such "pimples" can be transparent, colorless, red, yellow, white, coated with a bloom. In shape - rounded smooth or with uneven edges. In size - small, medium, large. By quantity - single, multiple. Rashes can appear in children, adolescents, and adults.

Causes of rashes

● trauma of the tongue with a sharp object: a shell, bone, toothpick, fork, edge of the bracket system (especially the lingual - installed on the lingual side of the dentition), ● trauma from an uncomfortable prosthesis, overhanging fillings, ● accidental biting of the tongue, ● thermal or chemical burn, ● viral or bacterial infection: stomatitis, herpes, infection by the Candida fungus ("thrush"), scarlet fever, tonsillitis, ARVI, etc., ● allergic reaction, ● lack of vitamins, ● oncopathology, HIV infection, syphilis, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis.


What additional symptoms can be found

In addition to rashes on the tongue itself, there may be itching, burning, pain - on contact with pieces of food, or pain without an irritating factor. Blisters may be white, gray, or yellow and may burst or bleed. Sometimes the body temperature rises, nearby lymph nodes increase, and the production of saliva increases. Plaques appear on the tonsils or in the throat, a runny nose increases (with ENT pathologies).

If you suspect an allergy, the frequency of sneezing increases, there is tearing, nasal congestion, and skin rashes. With systemic pathologies of the body, weakness may increase, drowsiness occurs, and gastrointestinal disorders.

Which doctor to go to

For treatment, you first need to contact a therapist or dentist, and if a child is sick, then to a pediatrician. You may also need the help of a narrow-profile doctor - an ENT specialist, an allergist, an endocrinologist and others. To identify the cause of the disease, the doctor conducts a survey, gives directions for tests (blood, smear).

How is the treatment carried out?

The method of treating "acne" on the tongue will depend on what triggers the disease. If this is an injury, then it will be necessary to exclude the traumatic factor (make a new filling, repair or replace the prosthesis). In case of allergies - again, exclude the allergen, take antihistamines prescribed by the doctor. If the pathology is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, then antiviral, antibacterial drugs may be required. If a rash on the tongue appears due to a fungal infection, then antimycotics are prescribed.

In addition to the main treatment, mouthwashes are prescribed with antiseptic or anti-inflammatory solutions - Miramistin, Rotokan, chamomile decoction, for example. Rashes can be lubricated with Cholisal or Solcoseryl gel. You also need to switch to a gentle diet - exclude coarse, spicy food, knead stewed vegetables with a fork. It is important to drink enough liquid - clean water, fruit drinks (not sour, not very sweet), compotes.

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