In a number of regions of Russia, an emergency regime was introduced due to drought

In a number of regions of Russia, an emergency regime was introduced due to drought
In a number of regions of Russia, an emergency regime was introduced due to drought

An emergency regime was introduced in the Kurgan region. The drought is to blame. The situation is similar in other regions of Russia, where there was no rain for almost two months. At the same time, the temperature rarely dropped below 30 degrees. Anna Derkach, the correspondent of MIR 24, found out what will happen to the harvest and prices for agricultural products.

“We have soil thermometers and depth thermometers installed here. Yesterday at a depth of 5 centimeters it was more than 40 degrees, and on the ground it was more than 70 degrees. Considering that the protein curdles at 46 degrees, it would be possible to cook eggs on the soil,”said agrometeorologist Elena Kurilo.

It's hot on earth, not a rain in the sky. The second month in the Urals is drought. During May and June, only a fifth of the precipitation rate fell. The soil, as the agrarians say, stakes.

“The third year we have a drought. This is the scariest one. In my memory, there were no such temperatures, "- said the head of the agriculture department of the Kartalinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region Pyotr Postolov.

Crops are dying in the Chelyabinsk region. The heat accelerated the ripening of the wheat. The plant has not yet grown, but has already formed an ear. At the same time, the grains received less nutrients.

“Wheat in our good years was waist-deep, now it won't even grow to the knee. The quantity of grains and quality are nowhere lower,”said agrometeorologist Elena Kurilo.

Forage crops are also under threat. The Chapaev collective farm in the Perm Territory has always been proud of its harvest and milk yield. This summer, the farm will not fulfill even half of the plan. Instead of a green sea of ​​barley and clover, scorched earth.

“The clover, which is three months old, has barely grown and has already begun to dry up, all processes have begun to stop in it … When there was a stage of bushiness, several stems emerged, but not a single productive one. That is, we will not get grain from this plant,”said the director of the SPK“Kolkhoz im. Chapaeva”Olga Popova.

The collective farm named after the legendary division commander has 2,700 cows. They all feed on their own crops. This year there will not be enough silage, you will have to buy more. This means that the price of milk will rise.

The administration of the Kungur region is preparing acts on damage so that the state will forgive them for subsidies. This season, farmers will miss 60 million rubles. There is simply nothing to return the money allocated for the sowing campaign.

“For example, they were given five million and were given a condition: that you should have 25 centners per hectare, and they were able to collect only 18. In theory, they should return the subsidy. In this case, we will not return the subsidy, because we have introduced an emergency regime,”said Irina Kostrikova, head of the industrial policy department of the Office for the Prospective Development of the Territory of the Kungur City Administration.

Emergency mode was introduced in ten subjects. These are Amur, Orenburg, Omsk regions, Zabaikalsky and Khabarovsk territories, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Crimea and Yakutia.

The situation in the Kurgan region reminded of the great drought of 1989. When the region has lost its entire crop.

"The Kurgan Center for Hydrometeorology has recorded dry wind throughout the region," said Deputy Governor of the Kurgan Region Vladimir Arkhipov.

On a national scale, the drought caused billions of rubles in losses. To protect farms, the State Duma adopted a law on state agricultural insurance. Enterprises will be able to buy a policy against crop failure due to weather anomalies. The state compensates 80% of the cost in the first year.

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